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Friday, September 18, 2015

Six Word Fridays and Willy Nilly Friday Five.

Memes I'm joining today: Six Word Fridays, Willy Nilly Friday Five,

 This first set is both part of (SIX WORD FRIDAYS and WILLY NILLY FRIDAY FIVE)

1.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it's just around the corner.  In fact there have already been signs of it showing up with cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves. - This weeks theme word for Six Word Fridays was:  Red

     Red glowing brightly against Autumn skies.

Catching my breath, Making me sigh.


Summer’s soon over, Autumn beauty begins.

2.  We took a short day trip on Saturday last weekend and visited the Tamastslikt Cultural Center.  Sadly they would not allow photography inside the museum but I did get this picture of some Indians inside the lobby.

                 Grandpa and Coleen hamming it up for the camera.

3.  As we were heading back home we happened to spot something really unusual on the side of the road so hubby turned around and drove back so I could photograph it.

                              A "Shoe Tree" - How many pairs do you see?

4.  Hubby likes to read the arrest reports and such in the paper.  He found this listed in the Police Reports:

"Patio chair seat cushions, packages of cigarettes and several pieces of barbecue chicken were stolen from the 500 block of Edith street on Tuesday."

That must have been a hungry thief!  Funnier yet is who reports stolen pieces of chicken!

 Our neighbors chickens, Bella (L) and Blondie (R) eating seeds & grain in our driveway.

5.  We spotted this lovely little fountain in Weston, OR and I had to take a picture of it.  This is only the top portion but I like how the shot turned out.

Finally an update on Ghost.  He started limping on his paw again a couple of days ago so yesterday we had an appointment for him to see the Vet about his paw.  We made sure to tell them that we were "claiming ownership of Ghost" and that the neighbor had been informed of that. 

They couldn't find anything wrong with his paw other then he had been in a cat fight and he might have a bit of arthritis in his joints. - We had him updated on all his shots, he got medication for tape worms and he's now been neutered!  He's in our basement for a few days while he heals and not happy about it but it's whats best for him.  He's doing great though and while it cost us quite a bit for all that work we feel we did the right thing by him.
This shot was taken of Ghost about a week ago playing with a toy that I have where you shoot that orange disk into the air.

That's it for this week. - Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Lovely fall foliage photos!! Very nice! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. #1 Fall is wonderful, followed by winter, spring and summer.
    #2 Some many museums do not allow photography...boomer!
    #3 This one is great.
    #4 High crime area?
    #5 Droplets in midair!
    Ghost, a good name.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Hello dear Ida and a happy weekend to you... Ah, how the blissful Spring days are passing swiftly by! And I have yet to plant all my spring seeds...*sigh*
    Its been so busy in this little house lately, and thus I have not been a very regular blogger! Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon... {{Smiles}}
    So lovely to catch up a bit with you today!
    Aww! Ghost is just gorgeous...I will have to take a look through your older posts to ''meet'' this sweet little fella! How kind and generous of you to undertake the costs of keeping him!
    So glad you're enjoying Fall thus captured some beautiful moments on your camera his gorgeous is that fountain! And Coleen and her granddaddy look so sweet in that Indian picture! Aww!
    I send much love and hugs to you, dear Ida!

  4. Hello Ida, wonderful series of images. I like the all the red leaves and Indian Coleen. And the chickens are cute, one time someone stole a chocolate cream pie from our house along with other items. They must have been hungry. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. God bless you for taking ownership of Ghost and i pray he will heal quickly . love the Indians you found... and all that beautiful fall color. the chickens made me smile, the look like they are doing the do se do dance... swing your partner round and round, now do see do

  6. Great set of pics this week! I love the fountain photo. You are ahead of us for fall color. It has been so dry here, I fear that the fall won't be as spectacular as it should be.

  7. Lots of good stuff for your six word entries, the images are beautiful!! I adore autumn, it is also my favorite time of year....but once spring arrives, that is my favorite time of year ;))))

  8. i hope ghost will like being an official party to your household. :)

  9. You got some interesting pictures Ida.

    I liked.

  10. That photo of Coleen and her grandpa is a keeper!

  11. Wow - superb colors in that foliage, Ida!
    And, Ghost is looking lovely.
    Have a Beautiful Day and a Great Weekend!
    Peace :)

  12. Fall and its cooler temperatures cannot come any too soon. Ghost is a lovely kitty. Hope he heals soon.

  13. Glad Ghost is fixed...Fall is my absolute favorite time of year...we are alike in that. LOVE the pics of the chickens; I wish I had taken that shot! LOL

  14. Gorgeous reds, beautiful Indians (well, one is handsome), love the chickens and yes, who would report stolen chicken pieces. Great post.

  15. Great shots today. Love all the fall colors. I do like the season but I hate what comes after it.
    That shoe tree is quite interesting. I wonder what the story is behind it.
    That's pretty funny about the police report. Sounds to me like it was kids.
    Hooray for Ghost. Glad you were able to get him all fixed up. :)

  16. Beautiful pictures. Fall is in the air.

  17. Loved your photos of the red leaves! Where in Oregon is the shoe tree? That is so funny.

  18. Really? A shoe tree? Interesting set of photos this week. Love Ghost!

  19. Autumn is my favorite season, and your pictures make me sigh, too - in a good way. Beautiful, stunning colors. My Japanese Maple in front of my kitchen window is starting to turn, and usually by Thanksgiving its leaves are a fiery red. The fountain is pretty, that is a good shot! I love how you take care of Ghost, and he's such a beautiful cat.

  20. Wonderful images, Ida!! Love the fountain and how you caught the water so perfectly. But my favorite photos are the first ones of the fall leaves, so beautiful! Fall is my favorite season. Still pretty warm here, I'm looking forward to some cool, crisp fall air! Happy weekend to you!

  21. Wonderful first picture of autumn, and I laughed at Colleen and Grandpa. Glad Ghost is doing better.

  22. Lovely photos, Ida and best wishes to Ghost for his recovery. He's a handsome chap. All the best, Bonny

  23. We've come upon shoe trees when we were out driving before. Funny! Good for you standing firm about Ghost and taking care of him. I'm so happy about that! Beautiful fall foliage.

  24. what beautiful fall colors and those indians made me smile! i am still laughing about the stolen bbq chicken :D hope you are having a wonderful week!

  25. LOVE that fountain picture. Very nice.
    Hope Ghost is recovering well :)


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