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Friday, September 4, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Feline Art


Joining Tanya (Around Roanoke) for

1.  While the official start to Fall/Autumn isn't listed on the calendar until September 23rd I've spotted signs that it's rapidly approaching. 

2.  Summer isn't over yet though and these colorful chairs just seem to invite you to sit for a spell and enjoy the last lazy days of summer.

3.  We had rain this week - Hallelujah.  It really helped with some of the wild fires still buring in the area.  I was out for a photo hunt and took some pictures of these rain soaked dahlia's in someone's garden.  I still think they look beautiful.

4.  We drove back out the other day to see if we could spot the bucks that were featured last week on WNF5 but they weren't around.  However this sweet little Fawn was.

5.  It's Fair week here.  I took Coleen out today so she could enjoy the rides.

Bonus shot just because....Spotted this old truck in someone's driveway.




Miss Pepper peeking out from the curtains. - She's growing like a weed and is such a little character.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love those chairs!

  2. When I went to work this morning, the breeze smelled and felt like autumn already.

    Emma and Buster

  3. Love those bright colored chairs. Our fair is coming up the week after Labor Day. That's a busy week for me at work and I'm not looking forward to it.
    I like the picture of Miss Pepper. It looks like a painting

  4. I love your shots this week...really loved the cat art, too. My favorite is the bonus, though...that old truck

  5. #1 A few leaves are turning here.
    #2 Such colorful Adirondack chairs.
    #3 It hasn't rained in weeks, please send some rain.
    #4 Pretty little thing.
    #5 Looks like fun.
    A pink truck?
    That's what happens when you feed Miss Pepper.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Hi, Ida (did i ever tell you that i had a step-grandmother named Ida..??)
    I am LOVIN' that olden truck....

  7. Cool truck! The dahlias remind me of fading fireworks with all those pretty colors. The fawn photo works just fine! :D I get motion sickness just looking at that ride. Hope you enjoyed it.

  8. It is fair week here too, well actually we have a "show" day, not actually a week. I'm thinking your fair is much, much bigger than our local show. Loving your photos.

  9. Hello Ida, your kitty is cute and the art image is wonderful. I love the colorful chairs and the flowers are beautiful. Great post, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Super series of Willy Nilly's Ida and of course Miss Pepper is too cute :)

  11. A beautiful fawn. There is something captivating about deer. I could watch them all day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. love the Pepper Art... and Collen on that contraption i would never ride on... great shot. those chairs are beautiful... glad you got some rain...

  13. A beautiful five (six) Ida! I love the fawn hiding away. Have a wonderful weekend and week x

  14. Ida, your photos are really beautiful, and I love the feline art.

  15. Miss Pepper is looking really good. It was fun to see Coleen on the ride, the breeze in her hair and a smile on her face. I remember loving midway rides. And, I agree with you that the Dahlias are still beautiful. So glad the rain came and that it helped with some of the wild fires. My father would have loved that old truck. I like your deck chairs. If you get a chance, google OLAF. He's done some interesting paintings on that theme. Here's one link:

  16. Great photos, Ida! I love your hints of fall color, and the deer. And that shot of the amusement park ride is great!

  17. Wonderful photos, and I really like your Header!!

  18. I like to festive colors in the images. Nice job.

  19. Best regards and wish you a wonderful new week.

  20. Great photos! Love how you've been able to turn them into works of art!! Love your kitty picture too!

  21. oooohh please!!!! let's go for a ride in that rusty ole' truck!!! colleen looks like she is having a blast, that's a great picture!!!!!

  22. Oh gosh- love that old truck, and those chairs are super! I've been looking for some for awhile now..but the ones I have seen are a bit pricey. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  23. I hope I remember to plant some Dahlia's next year. I always think they look so pretty.


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