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Friday, November 3, 2017

Willy Nilly Friday Five and Feline Friday - November 3, 2017

Welcome! - Wow it's hard to believe it's November already. Time sure goes by quickly anymore.

Joining in today for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE

Also joining in for FELINE FRIDAY

First up for Feline Friday:
This is my hubby, Miss Dottie, Caramel Honeybun & Speedy G all napping together.
Now for Willy-Nilly Friday Five:
Click to enlarge photos:  - This first one is yucky so if you are squeamish don't look.

1.  A few weeks ago my hubby was working on some table tops sanding the old finish off of them so they could be refinished.  - He came inside and yelled out that I needed to take him to the hospital.  Seems he set the sander down and went to pick it up and somehow hit the switch back on....

Took that finger nail completely off!  - It's healed up now but looks pretty weird since the nail is gone.  It could have been so much worse but this still looks pretty gross.

2.  We have had a beautiful fall this year.  Here is one of my favorite trees in town.  - It turns this gorgeous red color and it's the only one right there that changes color but it looks so pretty with the other trees.

 3. I've been baking again.  Tried out this recipe for Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies and boy were there delicious. 

 4.  Coleen spotted a moth on my mom's porch one morning.  We decided to put it on some flowers and while we were moving it it landed right on Coleen's chest.  We snapped a shot of it and then it landed on an old television set before finally flying off.

5.  While out shooting fall scenes a couple of weeks ago I captured this shot of our Blue Mountains with freshly fallen snow on them.  Oh how I dread winter but it sure looks pretty here.

Bonus photo:  Had to share this big spider scene that is right across the street from where we live.

In closing a musical selection for the season. Neil Young - Harvest Moon.

 Have a great weekend.


  1. Awww on the kitties. So precious.

    Yikes on the fingernail. That had to hurt.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ♥

  2. Oh, one of your kitties is a Calico? The picture is so cute! I do believe that cats need human contact and love. His poor finger! Does it still hurt? But you are right, I have seen so many people with awful machinery accidents. The trees are beautiful, I even like the very pale green one on the left. Your mountains look gorgeous, as do your cookies! I have never, ever seen a moth like this! It has a zebra pattern and white antenna. Very fancy.

  3. So sorry about your husband's hand. I think all cats love a soft, fluffy blanket to curl up on and a human to keep them warm! lol Nice to see Colleen; she looks very pretty.
    Wishing you guys a good weekend.

  4. So scary to have your husband's finger in such a bad accident, glad he didn't lose his finger though! The nap looks like the best with the three cats to keep him warm! Your pictures are gorgeous as always! Love the hint of snow on the mountains, they've got a lot more than that now, lol! We've gotten about 8 inches here! Like it or not, I guess winter is here, lol!

  5. Such a precious shot of the nappers! I am guessing I know who sat down first ... Maybe the moth thought he could hide on Coleen's shirt? Their colors are similar. Your cookies look scrumptious - I am off to raid the leftover Halloween candy!

  6. Oh Ida! What a finger you husband has given himself! We all oohed and aahed over the injury!
    The mountains do look lovely with snow dusting them but I fully understand your winter dread!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. His finger looks horrible. WOW that sure must have hurt!!! Hope his nail grows back.

  8. ouch! Hope your sweety's finger gets better! and that moth is gorgeous!

  9. it took me a long time to find cat #3!!!! i pinned that cookie recipe, it looks delicious!!!

  10. LOL and them snuggled up with your hubby asleep heheh!

    OMG I bet that hurt ouch! god job it's now healing

    I like the photos very autumnic that's a big word for me :-)

    Love the big spider and web haha!

    Have a cookietastic weekend :-)

  11. Such beautiful fall photos! And, that moth!! So lovely. I think I'm about to enjoy the remedy in #1 photo! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend! blessings ~ tanna

  12. Hubby and kitties look so comfy. Great post. You all have a great week end.

  13. Oh, Harvest Moon. I mostly loved the whole album, not just Harvest Moon. I enjoyed your 5 things and love that first shot! I almost missed the little kitty at his side!

  14. Ida,

    Ouch, sorry about hubby's finger! You're right, it could've been so much worse. The good news is the fingernail will grow back, right? I know that hurt like the dickens. I'm not sure where you live, so I Googled the "Blue Mountains". Are you in Australia? There has to be another in the Northern Hemisphere since you mentioned dreading winter. Please share! Thanks for the cookie recipe. DH is my "Cookie Monster". This sounds a lot like Pecan Sandies, except for the icing. I will have to try this recipe ASAP. I bet DH will LOVE it, too. Have a good week and please feel free to join me on the dance floor! ;)

  15. Everyone enjoyed a good snuggle and a nap from the looks of your photo, Ida. Ouch, on that injury and hope it heals up in time. the cookies did look delicious, especially with a glass of milk?

  16. Lovely photos - except for the horror shot of your poor husband's finger - wish him better soon. I love the shot of him snoozing with all those lovely kitties. He deserves a little RnR after that terrible experience.

  17. The nappers look so peaceful! Your husband's finger looks so painful....ouch! The moth is that red tree and what a stunning view of the mountains! Fun Halloween decorations your neighbors have! Thanks for linking up Ida!


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