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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

First Day of School

It's back to school once again.  Where did summer go?

As is my tradition here are Coleen's back to school photos.

She wasn't in the "mood" for pictures and was rushing to get ready so they aren't the greatest and the sun was in her eyes.  I need to find a different spot for the photos.

The hands are showing that she's going into 8th Grade.  Yep it's her last year in Middle School.  Time flies by so quickly.

Here is the Collage of 6th, 7th & 8th grade shots.

                                     She wanted shorter hair this year.


  1. She is very pretty! I think I like her better with long hair, what about you?

  2. I always loved going back to school. Less work for me because we lived on a dairy farm and I was the oldest.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. she surely has grown into a young lady in the years since we first met in blogville.. I wish her a good year.

  4. The summer sure did go by fast. Golden looks cute with short hair. I wish I would have done that with a picture on the first day of school

  5. I also do yearly back-to-school pics. It's fun to see how much they change from year to year. Eight grade?! You have a full-fledged teenager on your hands!!

  6. Nice photos, I hope she has a great year. I took 1st day photos of my niece from preschool through college. :)

  7. Blessings....
    May here year be happy and successful.

  8. Coleen's hair looks very cute short, though she certainly has beautiful hair to wear it long.
    I was always so nervous for that first day of school, but as the days went on it wasn't all that bad.
    I love all her bright and fun colors. :}

    Enjoy the remainder of your week ~

  9. Aww you got a smile. I found it harder and harder to get the first day of school pics as they got older. Yay for 8th!

  10. Wow! Just look at your beautiful granddaughter! It's hard to believe she will be in High School next year.

    Hugs to you, dear Ida!

  11. Very cute outfit! LIke me, she seems to like the bright and happy colors! She is growing up so fast..

  12. oh goodness, she has gotten so big...and she looks so beautiful!!!!!

  13. What a lovely girl, she looks a lot like you, Ida :) Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3

  14. I don't know about Colleen getting older, I'm thinking wow I remember her last year photo! Great to have their memories and she'll love it too when she looks back. Hope Colleen has the best school year ever.
    Wren x

  15. She is so grown up! Hope it was a great first day!


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