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Monday, January 9, 2012

Macro Monday - 1-9-12 The Bracelet

Happy Monday! - It's good to be back to a somewhat "normal" routine after the holidays.
So now it's time for Macro Monday on Lisa's Chaos.  Her entry this week is awesome.  Be sure to check out the other participants as well. 

So here is mine for this week:

  This is one of the links in one of my favorite bracelets  It also happens to be my favorite link of the bracelet.  All the links I believe are types of Shell and yes the ones with the cracks were meant to be that way.
  A few years back I was out shopping a couple of weeks before Christmas and spotted this bracelet in a store.  I loved it and called my hubby to ask him if I could buy it.  He said, Yes, get it as an "early" Christmas present from me!"  Of course I still got other gifts but how fun it was to indulge in something so pretty.

Here is the entire bracelet:
Have a great day.


  1. Nice work on the macro- that is one of my favorite things to challenge myself with.

  2. Wonderful macro shot of a favorite bracelet!! =)

  3. Nice selective focus in the first image.

    Happy MM

  4. Pretty necklace. It's a great macro shot.

  5. Looks like mother of perls "stones" in your bracelet. I love them. I also have a ring with that stone.

  6. that's an unusual bracelet; I see how it would be a favorite. and you are blessed to have such a hubby! nice DOF in the first shot. happy day to you Ida.

  7. I like that bracelet. Wonderful.


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