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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - January 15 2012

Hi,  Well I almost didn't participate in this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday due to the fact I just didn't have time to photograph all the prompts and some were really "hard" to find around here.  This weeks prompts are:  Stacked Up, Winter Wonderland, Sweet, Hole and Frozen.

But then I decided to go with what I was able to get this week and use a couple of photo's from the "Archives" to complete my set.

Let's get to the hunt:

Stacked Up:
My little granddaughter likes to come up with new things to occupy her time and one day she created a coin sculpture of Sponge Bob!  I took this Macro shot of his body.  Below is the full shot of Sponge Bob in coins so you can see the full creation.  She's a clever little girl.

Winter Wonderland (Where?) - Okay we have had just about "el zippo" of snow this winter so where was I going to get a Winter Wonderland shot? Now if this was next weeks prompt I might have been able to have got a photo since Snow is in the forecast but alas I had to resort to my archives for this one.  2008 was a "Banner" year for snow so check this out:
Oh yeah, that's a lot of snow.  I am so NOT a winter/snow person so I'm happy to have no current Winter Wonderland shots to share.  Sadly the people who owned those lovely trees across the street from us cut them down this year.  I miss them.

Sweet:  Okay I had planned to bake something yummy this week and photograph it but just never got around to doing so.  Instead I happened upon two of our cats sleeping together in a chair and the first thing I said when I saw them was, "How sweet" so guess what you get.  Give Up? 

This is Miss Dottie and Callie-Jo who usually don't get along that well actually being civil in the same chair.  I think they look pretty, sweet.

Frozen:  While we haven't had snow we have had cold temperatures and frost has been abundant on Van windows since we don't have a garage.  I hate having to scrape the windows but the frost does look kind of pretty. 

Last up:  Hole - This was another one I struggled with.  I thought about doing something out of the box like using a Donut Hole (not the actual hole in the donut) but those little pieces of the donut that are punched out of the donut.  I know, weird huh?
Okay I didn't get creative at all but I like what I came up with even if it's another one from my Archives.  This was taken last November at the city park.

  I took this looking inside one of the kids tunnels outward at the park bench.  I really like this photo for some reason.

I hope to visit as many of your blogs as possible and comment.  Last week there were over 100 entries and believe me it takes quite awhile to pop by all those blogs and comment so if I don't leave a comment on your blog it's not because I don't enjoy your work but time wise I'm finding it difficult to comment on every one's entries.

Next weeks prompts are:Sunset

Black and White

A Day in My Life

Four (suggested approach: a set of four photos that go together...four photos of your pet, around your house, scenery, whatever you like)


Have fun joining in on the Hunt or just enjoying every ones interpretations of the Hunt prompts.


  1. I think your photos and interpretations are totally fun!
    Like you, no winter Wonderland here.
    Sponge Bob looks like he took a lot of work--good job to your granddaughter!
    Miss Dottie and Callie-Jo are cute together. I love kitty pictures!
    great Hole photo!

    Splendid Little Stars

  2. You did very well with what you had on hand - love the snow picture - brrrrr!!

  3. These are great! Loved your sweet and frozen one is so pretty!

  4. You have some fantastic shots..I like the snowflakes, and the view through the tunnel.

  5. These are terrific! Of course, my favorite is sweet. Just love those kitties!

  6. Great frost shot for frozen. Your winter is great even if it was a few years ago. Thanks

  7. Great shots. I love your winter wonderland and your frozen shots. We haven't even had frost here. So crazy.

  8. Super Job with your pictures. My favorite one is the frost on your windshield. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. If it hadn't snowed on Saturday I would be using archived shots for winter wonderland too. Too bad the neighbours cut down those trees. I really like that last shot of the tunnel in the park. Thanks for stopping by to see my entries.

  10. Very creative granddaughter and stacked up! I love your shot of the playground hole! It draws me right in.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Sunflower is just my daughter's on-line name.

  11. Very sad that those trees were cut down. They look so pretty with the layer of fresh snow. :)

  12. I had to resort to past photos as well....your hole shot is quite nice, love the composition. Have a great week ahead!!

  13. Haha...too funny, I use to LOVE making "drawings" out of my dad's coin jar. You might have struggled with your "hole" prompt but nailed it!


  14. I really like that last photo (hole). Very artsy. Your cats are just like my cat. She generally doesn't get along with her "siblings" (two dogs). She sometimes chases my yorkie cause she's bigger, but then they are times when they are civil :) Can't wait to see your pictures next week.

  15. Great set of photos!
    Love the cats, and your Hole shot is really good! Magnificent, in fact!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog!

  16. I love the frost on the windows, and your granddaughter's coin sponge bob - how creative of her!


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