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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Letters and Macro Shots

Please Click on Photo's to Enlarge for better detail.

Happy Monday! - Since I hate to bombard people with multiple posts in one day I'm going to combine 2 Challenges on this post. 

First up - Ashely (Ramblings and Photos) is hosting Love Letters to Kitty Paw
 and being the cat lover that I am how could I not send her one.  So here is my Love Letter to Kitty Paw:

Yes, that's one of our cats, (Miss Dottie) and she's holding an Ink Pen.  I figured this would be a perfect (or is that Purr-fect) photo for Kitty Paws love letter.

Next up for Macro Monday on Lisa's Chaos
 I'm sharing yet another photo of Mr. Peacock (See Your Sunday Best Shot and Scavenger Hunt Sunday) posts below for more shots.

Couldn't stop at just one so here is one more a little bit closer.  (Yes, Zoom lens was used).

I am just in awe at how gorgeous the colors are on this bird.  - I still have a few more photo's to share this week of Mr. Peacock and one of a White Peacock so do stop on by later in the week.


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Herding Cats

  2. Your love letter totally makes me laugh - love it!

  3. Beautiful peacock photos. I am never lucky enough for them to open up their tails. The ones at the zoo are pretty bedraggled too.

  4. OMgoodness. The love letter is super adorable & super creative! Also, you peacock photos are stunning!

  5. Thank you Ida for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I like your Kitty Paw submission!

  6. Clever love letter. :)
    Love the closups of the peacock! Both shots are lovely.

  7. Fantastic details and vivid colors!

  8. Awww, love the love-letter writin' kitty. Too cute!

  9. he is one gorgeous bird, allright, and your kitties are adorable.

  10. Peacocks are such beautiful birds...lovely composition.

  11. What a clever card!!! I love that you had a picture of your cat holding a pen that you could use. And, those peacock photos are amazing :)


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