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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Art Friday - February 3, 2012

Hello! - Happy Friday.  - It's time once again to join Bonnie over on Pixel Dust Photo Art for,  Photo Art Friday,  This weeks suggested theme,  Surprise.  That's a pretty wide opened theme.  I'm pretty much always surprised by anything I create as Photo Art because it's all so new to me.

For this week I started out with a photo of some Thistles that I took while on my walk last weekend with Coleen.  I started playing around in Gimp using some of Bonnie's textures and trying to learn how to do Layer Masks etc...I'm not very good at trying to figure out directions in Gimp and mostly I just fiddled around on my own and I think that I actually got a mask to work the way I wanted it to but I have no clue as too what I did so I have no formula to tell you about as far as the results I got. - Sorry.

Here is the first of my attempts:
I do know that for this one I used Bonnie's texture,  Light Dust
I'm not sure but I think I used the Difference Mode on this at some point to get the text to be white but again I didn't write it down so I can't be certain.

Next up I tried the same texture and on this one the Thistles showed up just the way I wanted them to.

Finally my last version is probably the one that "surprised" me the most.  Oh not so much in what I did with it (although I do like how it turned out) but more so because while saving it I accidentally hit (Save) instead of (Save As) and sadly my original photo went to photo la-la-land.  I tried to do a System Restore on the photo but for some reason there was no previous version to restore so I can't show you the original photo.
Not much of a surprise but a lesson learned.

Anyway I used Kim Klassen's texture, Simplicity for this one and then added a quote using Picnik.  This is being entered for Texture Tuesday.

It's always a, Surprise when you start playing around seeing what you can do with your photos.  Who knew that something so ordinary as, Thistles could be so beautiful.

So don't forget to check out the other enteries for PAF.  Have a great day.


  1. Ida, you make a cute work of art on this friday. The font are absolutely perfect. Beauty combosition :)

  2. Ida, they gave you a very good surprise, didn't they?
    Thistles are such a strong shape and sometimes that is worth more than flowers can offer.

  3. It is always a lovely surprise to see the result of adding texture to an image.
    Wonderful work.

  4. It is so much fun to see what happens when you experiment like this!

  5. Great edit!

  6. All three pictures are awesome! It would be hard to pick a fav. Wow, you are having fun creating with ordinary objects, that's wonderful, keep it up.

  7. WOW! Magnificent pictures really incredible, delicious light, I love the color and textures.

  8. thankd for sharing you work today. :) I loved seeing it.

  9. some really interesting effects you achieve Ida; I really like that
    text-texture too

  10. Love what you have done here Ida. I think my fav is the first edit - love the dreaminess of it. Thank you for sharing your art work with Photo Art Friday.

  11. Very nice, Ida. I actually like the first one with the white text. Did you try to increase the saturation? It would probably give it an even different look. Isn't it fun playing in Bonnie's sandbox?

  12. I love your effects, and am sorry your lost one of your original photos in the process. But at least its replacement was very beautiful! The Emerson quote is lovely...thank you for sharing!

  13. Ida, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. Don't you just love playing with textures...I was hooked right from the start!! Lovely work!

  14. Gorgeous texture treatment. I actually like the tones in the last photo the best.

    Sorry you lost the original though.

  15. Love the final product. Very nice work. thanks so much for sharing. visiting from PAF. karen


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