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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - A little of this and a little of that Edition

Hello,  Welcome to the 2nd edition of my "Whatever" Wednesday feature where I'll share photos of whatever I want (no challenge or meme) just whatever strikes my fancy.

First up today:
This is a Posterized (Picnik) Version of a head shot of, "Fluffy" the neighbors cat who was curious about the camera the other day.  Below is the original shot before any editing. It's an, "In Your Face" shot for sure.  I rather like the "Posterized" version, gives it an entirely different feel.

Up next a fun shot of Coleen goofing around.  She's got the dogs chew bone in her hair. She was going for the "Pebbles Flintstone" look. 

Last up is a shot of the night sky I took a few weeks ago.  The moon was in it's Crescent phase which I thought was really cool but for some reason I just can't see to get really great night shots of the sky with my little Point and Shoot.  At any rate after a bit of editing I like how this turned out.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll come back again. 

Tidbit note:  Bowling Scores today:  139 (nothing to write home about) - 177 and 151 

Till next time...Happy Snapping!

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  1. Congratulations for these wonderful pictures, I love the picture of the girl. Greetings.


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