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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leavesnbloom - Edit Me Challenge

Just sitting around catching up on emails when I saw this post at the (Leavesnbloom) blog and thought why not give it a try.  The idea is to use Rosie's photo and edit it then post your edit.  So here is the original photo:

and here is my edited version

I'm horrible about writing down the edits I make in photo's but here is what I did as near as I can recall.
First I open the photo in Gimp and then opened a texture, Etched in Stone (Pixel Dust Photo Art)
and added the texture.  Here's where I messed up as I don't recall exactly what I did as far as adding the texture.  After I added the texture I added the ragged border edge and then saved.  Then I opened the photo in Picnik, used the Lomoish feature and saved again.  Sorry I didn't write this down.  I've got to make a note to start doing this so that I will have it written down when I post photo's.

Anyway you can visit the Edit Me blog to see the other enteries.


  1. Ida great to see an edit done in gimp. Beautiful texturing in the edit and I like your lomo style.


  2. Awesome editing job. Beautiful photo.

  3. NICELY done, Ida!!! I must check out Rosie's blog again. (However, I'm up to my hips in "things to do" right now.)

  4. This is really lovely Ida! Isn't this fun??


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