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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - The Peacock Edition

Hello,  Today I decided that I'm going to "try" to post a new feature on my blog that I'm calling,
"Whatever" Wednesday where I'll post photos of whatever I want.  There are so many different "memes" or photo challenges but sometimes I just have photos that I'd like to share for no other reason then I like them or I think they are good shots worthy of sharing.  So on Wednesdays I'm going to just share whatever I want and I hope you enjoy them.

Today's version I'm calling the Peacock Edition since I still had several photo's of the Peacocks that I took at the park last Friday.   Hope you aren't bored with seeing them.  So without further ado let's get started:  I was lucky enough to arrive at the park at just the right time.  Mr. Peacock was showing off to his lady friend and for a change I was able to get pictures of him with his feathers all fanned out in all their splendor.

Please Click on the Photo's to enlarge:

While not as colorful or impressive as the front view shots I still like this backside view.  Those white feathers just above his backside are so fluffy.

Next up another head shot, I love the vivid color in this shot:
This last shot of this particular Peacock was perhaps my favorite of all the shots.  He had finally folded up his feathers and was walking off when I snapped this picture.  It reminds me of a Bride with her bridal train (or in this case a Bridegroom) with his flowing feathers.
Now I'd like to share some photos of the other Peacocks that are in the Aviary.  These are White (sometimes referred to as Albino) Peacocks.  They were not very cooperative with photos to start off with but that changed later on.  Though they aren't a colorful as the above Peafowl they are quite stunning in their own unique way.

As you can see the birds in the Aviary are behind chain link fence which makes it rather difficult to photograph them.  I have to position my little Point and Shoot camera in between the links and then use the zoom lens to get some of the shots.

After Coleen and I walked around the park for awhile she discovered some bunnies enclosed in the aviary with the birds and wanted to show them to me.  Just then she spotted the White Peacock showing off to his lady friend so I hurried over to get some shots as quick as I could.  Here is the first one I managed to get,  I wanted to make sure I had a picture showing his feathers fanned out.

I managed to get there in time to take this shot through the chain link while he was still strutting his stuff.

One last shot just as he was starting to fold up his feathers:

So that's it for my very 1st Edition of "Whatever" Wednesday.  I hope to make this a regular feature on my blog.


  1. Beautiful birds!!
    Great pictures.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ida, I'm glad you sent me the link!! These are gorgeous! I really think I like the white peacock better!! I didn't know there was a white peacock; he's stunning. I know it's a "he", but, he looks like a fairy tale queen dressed in white!!

  3. Your whatever wednesday was beautiful, I have NEVER seen white peacocks before and these were stunning. thanks for sharing with us on this wednesday!!

  4. I never knew there was such a thing as a white peacock. Wow! It is truly gorgeous.

  5. I like this "whatever Wednesday" idea! Catchy too :) these photos are beautiful Ida, just beautiful. And I never knew of albino peacocks. They are stunning looking.

  6. Wow! I didn't even know there was such a thing as white peacocks (I'm glad to read above that I'm not the only I don't feel as dumb ;D)! Very cool captures...thanks for sharing!

  7. oh, I love those white peacocks! And yes, the colors are absolutely stunning beyond the bird - - makes for a beautifully natural palette for design :-) Lovely images.

  8. Love the little crown of feathers on their heads. Great shots, Ida.:)

  9. Those are such incredible creatures. I am so glad you captured both the males & the females. So often I forget that the females are just as beautiful

  10. Wonderful pictures, I love the light and delicious colors of the peacock. White is really lovely. Greetings.

  11. I've never seen a white peacock...what a beautiful bird.


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