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Friday, June 22, 2012

Quarterly Top 5

  I decided to participate in the Quarterly Top 5 because one of my favorite subjects to photograph is my Granddaughter, Coleen. - I also love taking pictures of our cats but this time it's just Coleen in the spotlight.

This is the first time any of these photo's have appeared on my blog.  It seems I often take loads of pictures but never seem to get around to sharing all of them so now is a good time to do that.

I took this shot of Coleen (wearing her Halloween Ladybug costume) on one of our Park excursions.  She had been swinging on the swings and decided to take a bit of a rest in the grass.  I love the tossled look she has and decided to give this photo just a hint of a "vintage" feel.

In this shot she was playing down at the school on some of the playground equipment.  I chose this one because she is looking directly at the camera (for a change) and I just love the happy expression on her face.
Coleen loves to act silly and one night she decided to take her swimming goggles into the bathtub and wanted Grandma to come take some pictures of her.  I love it when she gets silly!
This shot includes both my daughter, Greta and Coleen.  They wanted some Mother/Daughter photo's taken so we went to the park and I took a bunch of pictures.  This one is one of my favorites.  Coleen had found a flower that she stuck in her hair and it matched her shirt.  Plus I love what is printed on her shirt.
Best Friends 4Ever - Isn't that what Mother's and Daughter's should be.
This last shot is my absolute favorite of the Top 5.  Coleen had just got a new hair cut (which I love) and I was taking some pictures of her new-do.  She is always getting complimented on her big, brown eyes and I love that while her eyes are closed in this shot you can still see how big they are and she looks so totally, innocent (I know better though). 
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  1. Hi! Your granddaughter is very pretty. I like the last photo very much.
    You canfind the horse when you see above URL.

  2. I love her new haircut too. Lovely photos. You must be so proud of your family!

  3. She is lovely. Nice portraits.

  4. Love that you chose Colleen for your subject, Ida. She is such a sweet girl and I love these captures.

  5. Colleen is a beautiful girl. I especially love the photo with her sudsy hair!

  6. Lovely photos for the family scrapbook.

  7. I love all the pictures this week, Coleen looks so darn cute. Nice seeing a picture of Greta and Coleen together. Very pretty photos.

  8. Ida, I love the natural feel of these photos. Your granddaughter is delightful. I bet you just adore her.

  9. Coleen is a beautiful young lady, isn't she?

  10. What sweet photos. Love the second shot.

  11. I like the soapy head with goggles. That looks like something my son would enjoy for sure. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  12. All adorable pictures! I really love the bathtub one and the last one-- they show two completely different emotions and are each beautiful in their own way!

  13. She looks like such a fun kid - and you've captured some great moments!


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