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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday the Swimming Lesson Edition

Sorry to be late with my "Whatever" Wednesday photo's.  There's a good reason though...It's summer and for Coleen that means,  Swimming Lesson's.  -  She started her 3rd year of lessons on June 18th so my mornings have been taken up with going to her lesson's.  The photo's today are from the very 1st day of  this summers lessons.  She was promoted last Summer from Level 3 into Level 4 at the end of the lessons but because she hadn't been swimming since last August she started back in Level 3 again as a refresher course.

All set and ready to head into the pool in her new swimming suit.

They always start out playing, "Red Light, Green Light" which means yo get to splash everyone by kicking your feet really hard when the light is green.
Here they are practicing Beaver Dive's.

Practicing floating/swimming on your back.

Using the "Noodles"

Side-breathing exercise out of the water.

Racing with the noodles.

Today was the last day of the first session.  -  She was moved to Level 4!!!  She's a bit nervous now because Level 4 is done completely in the Deep End of the pool and you don't get to always use the noodles but she can swim just fine without them. 


  1. Hi Ida
    I have to say, I just love these photos. She has the most expressive eyebrows ever!!! She's adorable. All of the photos are wonderful. I'm glad she's learning how to swim. I never did and to this day carry with me a fear of water because of that. It's a good thing to know. Happy week to you Ida.

  2. Yay Colleen! She looks so cute in her new suit. :)

  3. How fun. I still have all of my girls swim lesson pass cards. :)

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