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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - Fallen Hero Edition

Today's Whatever Wednesday photo's are a little more (solemn) then I normally post. However I felt the need to share them so I hope you will take the time to view them. Yesterday our town honored a

Fallen Hero. His name was Matthew Fazzari. He was killed in Afghanistan on June 6, 2012. Leaving behind a wife and 2 young sons. I did not personally know Matt but went to high school with some of his relatives so was familiar with the family name. He is the 1st person from Walla Walla to die in Afghanistan and the 49th from Washington State. I wanted to show my respects and gratitude to his family for his service to our Country and defending our Freedom.

Utility workers working in the area raised their "Cherry Pickers" to form an Arch for the Motorcade to pass under. I really thought that was awesome.

Two Fire Trucks on both sides of Main Street draping the American Flag for the Motorcade to pass under.

Some of the crowd gathered on Main Street to pay their respects.  It was a wonderful turnout of support and love by the community.

Humans weren't the only one's paying their respects.

There was just something about this shot of the Firemen walking with these little boys that touched my heart.

There were local riders bringing up the rear of the Motorcade and lots of American Flags as well.


God Bless you and the USA. - Rest in Peace.


  1. I hate to hear that, but what a wonderful memorial and way to remember his life and service.

  2. very sad. Glad to see that he was honored.

  3. I think it's very thoughtful of you to post this...each time a soldier dies we all are affected..nice photos, Ida.

  4. This is what every homecoming veteran should receive.

  5. How moving. You captured some precious moments. God bless him and his family.

  6. chills right down to the core of my soul!!

    what a beautiful tribute...may he never be forgotten!!


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