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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Song-ography and SHS - September 15, 2013

Song-ography followed by Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Please join me as we celebrate, Song-ography brought to you by Kathy from,  You'll Shoot Your Eye Out.

This weeks song:  Something Beautiful by
Need to Breathe.

Click to enlarge photos.

 Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful to touch me.

I went to my archives for this one because this sunset that I capture in early January of this year does indeed look as if the sky is on fire.  It was certainly a beautiful sunset to behold.

Let's now join Ashley, Ramblings and Photos for this weeks
    Scavenger Hunt Sunday edition.  This weeks prompts are:  Enjoy a Pumpkin Drink, Read a Book, Bake or Eat a Sweet Treat, Animal and Get Artsy.

ENJOY A PUMPKIN DRINK:  I cheated a little for this prompt since I did not have anything pumpkin drink related here and it's to early for Pumpkin drinks in our area.  We are still in the upper 90's temperature wise although it is supposed to drop down considerable this coming week.  Instead I bring you (English Toffee Tea).  It sounded like a "fall" type drink to me.


Coleen reading to Callie-Jo, who looks totally bored by the whole thing.  The great thing is that Coleen actually found a fictional story that she is enjoying reading.  Normally she only reads non-fiction type books so it was a great surprise when she came home from school this past week with this little book about a Gerbil.  (She has 2 Gerbils so I guess that is what caught her attention.)


Zucchini Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting baked for Greta's birthday this past Thursday.

ANIMAL:  You probably know what's our house there is no shortage of animals, especially cats.  Here is one of them.

Mike was shining something up on the ceiling so she would follow it with her eyes and I caught that wonderful cross-eyed look that I so love.  We call her our "wonky-faced" cat.

GET ARTSY:  Hubby complied with my request to do something "artsy" as he worked to clear off our parking strip and get it ready to plant grass.  The debris is from the left-over sticks from the trees we had cut down earlier in the summer.

His masterpiece:

                                                       Have a Nice Day!


  1. That get artsy is so artsy, and cute and lovely and funny !!!!

    That cat is super cute and her eyes funny :) I am smiling while looking it. Cup cakes are so good, yummy ! The girl reading a book and that cat, a lovely couple indeed !!

    Have a nice Sunday :)

  2. perfect photos all round, belated happy birthday to Greta, and you've given me an idea for today's baking, we've several zucchinis lying around-

  3. That sky is AMAZING! Talk about consumed like a fire!

    The cupcakes look delicious!

  4. First off, you're right...Callie-jo looks totally bored with the whole reading thing.

    And the cross-eyed look you captured for the animal shot is hilarious...

    But I truly giggled out loud at the smiley face.

    Great series this week!

  5. Beautiful skies! Love that smiley face!

  6. WOWZERS...those are some gorgeous fire-like colors in your sky photo. Truly amazing and beautiful. However...your "wonky-faced" kitty is "Something BEautiful" too, in my book :) Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

  7. HA HA great interpretations this week esp. the artsy one!

  8. Great shots you have gotten here. I love the one of colleen reading, and also your WONKY FACED CAT. LOL. So cute

  9. The cat just looks bored, I'm sure that she loves the story.

    I love your husband's art project.

  10. awwww what a great set for shs, ya just gotta love a cross eyed cat!!

    we always draw/make silly pictures in dirt, sand,'s an inner child thing ;)

    great choice for something beautiful this week, what a breathtaking image!!

  11. Ida, your sky on fire photos are stunning! I also looked through the scavenger hunt photos (of course) and especially love the yummy iced cupcakes and the photo of your cat looking cross-eyed. What a fun group of photos!

  12. Hi Ida, I've been lurking in your blog for awhile. It's about time I said something. The colors in your sunsets are beautiful! I love the Chaim Potok quote. I've been watching Coleen grow for years, I can't believe how big she's getting. I think she's the most photographed child I know. Your cat looks hysterical cross eyed, such a pretty cat. Your husbands art piece is a scream. Who knew dirt and a broom was an art form. Have a blessed week. Hugs

  13. LOL love that last shot kudos to your hubby

  14. That sky is really amazing! It's definitely ablaze with color.

  15. Your final picture is so clever! What a guy indulging you in your SHS... So, I've not had English Toffee Tea... sounds better than pumpkin which I find a little too sweet. That sunset has amazing color.

  16. No shortage of interesting things to photo at your place Ida -- love the art work from the big guy. :)

  17. Yummy looking cupcakes, and I love that Coleen is finding books to read that she enjoys...worlds are always opened to those that read. Tell your hubby that he is a fab artist!!

  18. Those cupcakes look yummy! I had to laugh at your "getting artsy". That totally looks like my husband's version of artistic. Hehe.

  19. Fun and wonderful photos! Breathtaking those skies!

  20. Great shots this week. I found a pumpkin coffee in the store the other day and bought it. Your tea sounds really good though. I like tea better but lately have been drinking more coffee

  21. I love the smiley face! Very artistic!

    Your cat is beautiful!

  22. Pretty cool pictures, Ida!
    I always like sunset pictures! So many bright colors and so beautiful!
    Cupcakes look so yummy!
    And what a fun picture of cat!

  23. So many great photos for the hunt this week.. Great job. LOVE the artsy shot. It made me smile.


  24. What an enjoyable post, Ida. Your cat is adorable. Greta looks happy and the cupcakes sound delicious.

  25. Ha! Mike's masterpiece is superb! Had to laugh!


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