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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Song-ography - Pink Edition and Scavenger Hunt Sunday - September 22, 2013

Welcome....As you view this I will most likely be on my way back home from attending my niece's wedding on the Oregon Coast. - Pictures will follow after I get back.

In the meantime you get Songography and Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Which are both well worth your time to stop by and check them out.


This weeks song,  Pink by Aerosmith.  I was not familiar with this particular song as about the only Aerosmith song I really know is, (Walk This Way) but I did check out the video link Kathy provided....weird is all I can say.

I like to go with a line from the song most of the time for my interpretation so here is my contribution:  (Click to Enlarge)


Disclaimer...these aren't my best work but I wanted to have something for this week and had to hurry to get them photographed before we left on Friday.

This weeks prompts:  Something You Wore, Reflection, Inside Your Fridge, Daily Routine, Morning.

SOMETHING YOU WORE:  I saw my jeans laying on the bed this morning and snapped a photo of them.  I wore them this past week and they are a tad long so I had to roll them up a little.

REFLECTION:  I took this last Sunday night after one of our sudden Thunderstorms had passed through.  We get quite the little mini-lake in our driveway when it rains heavily.

INSIDE YOUR FRIDGE:  This one scared me because our refrigerator is usually a jumbled mess as no one every tries to keep it organized and neat looking.  So instead I got the idea to do the ice cube tray from our freezer .

I converted the photo to BW because it made it more interesting.

DAILY ROUTINE:  Part of our daily routine here is feeding the cats.  This one has to have special food apart from the other cats.

MORNING:  No morning sunrises from this gal as I'm so not a "morning" person.  This was taken though before 9:00 am so it qualifies as morning.

I liked the jet trail running through the sky and the light shining through the tiny holes in the leaves on this tree.

That's it for me.  -  I will do my best to visit all your blogs next week and leave comments.  I may be a little tired after our trip so please know I'll stop by as soon as I can.  Hugs to all.


  1. The rose is gorgeous and I do like your morning shot! I'm not up for sunrise most days either. :)
    Safe travels!

  2. What a gorgeous rose! I love how the edges are tipped in the pink and the shadows. So pretty.

  3. Gorgeous flower! And great scav hunt!

    Hope the wedding was marvelous!!

  4. It's being able to take lines from song and interpreting them. Can't wait to see photos from the wedding.

  5. Haha...YES, it was a very strange video!!! But the end result is you created a gorgeous interpretation from the lyrics. Love the beautiful light in the shot. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography!

  6. Great idea to do the ice cubes. I would never take a picture of my fridge!

  7. I love the flower picture! The colors are so soft, so gentle. Ice picture from fridge almost look like a broken iceberg. Pretty cool!

  8. I have yet to get back to the Scavenger Hunt. Your entries are terrific! Beautiful cat! I'm not a morning person either but I have a friend who is trying to get me to go to water aerobics at the Y and I have been resisting because I don't want to get up early. Maybe I'll make it this week. We'll see.

  9. pretty images ida, love your pink!!

    don't worry about me....i love hearing from you but i sure do understand the time needed to catch up!!

    i hope you had a wonderful time!!

  10. Great shots this week. That rose is amazing!! I love the reflection shot!

  11. I'm not a morning person either, so I relate.
    Clever to photograph the ice!
    fun photos!

  12. Interesting shots all, I love your pink shot and the reflection.

  13. Fluffy kitty! Beautiful cat.

    Like your reflection and morning shots too. Everyone says how organized my fridge is and I find that interesting because I have never looked at it that way. It just annoys me when I can't find stuff I *know* is in there.

  14. your cat is beautiful. I have to roll my jeans up also and our driveway gets a huge puddle when it rains hard as well. It's such a pain as sometimes we have to step in ankle deep water to get out of the car.

  15. Love your interpretations! I couldn't even manage a picture taken anytime in the am. :-) Beautiful cat.

  16. I only know the Walk This Way song, too!!! I love your photos; especially the sweet kitty.


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