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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Songography (Two of Us) Edition and Scavenger Hunt Sunday - September 29, 2013

I'm back this week and on time for Songography and Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  -  We had a wonderful time at my niece's wedding.  My photo's for both meme's will highlight parts of our trip.

SONGOGRAPHY    -  Please join in the fun.  You can find all the participants on Kathy's blog, (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out) by clicking on the link.

This weeks song:  Two of Us by Aimee Mann.

Click to Enlarge All Photo's.

A view of the highway on our way back home.  If you look up on the top of that rock bluff you will see the Vista house.  - I took this out the front window while hubby was driving.  -  We certainly have shared a lot of memories together & made more with the rest of the family one this trip and back home.


SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY - You can check out this fun meme on Ashley's blog, Ramblings and Photo's.

This weeks prompts:  Rule of Thirds, Made Me Smile, Lines, Alone and Together.

RULE OF THIRDS:  This is a photography rule and one that should be easy to master but I'm never really sure if I have it right or not. 

My great-nephew, Andrew was the Flower Boy/Ring Bearer at my niece, Krissy's wedding.  Shortly after this photo was taken he was dive bombed by Seagulls who thought he was dropping food on the sand!

MADE ME SMILE:  We spotted a man and his rather large dog while visiting Bonneville Dam on our way home Sunday afternoon.  He let us take some pictures and this one made me smile.  Check out the look in Coleen's eyes.

The dog's name was, Bear and he's an Alaskan Malamute.

LINES:  Spotted this creature in front of the Gift Shop.  I love the colorful lines on it's underbelly and the lines from the board it's crossing.

Turns out this is a, Red Slug also known as Arion Rufus  This thing was at least 3-4 inches long and a good inch wide.

ALONE:  This is one of my favorite images from our trip. 

This is my oldest brother Russell standing all alone looking out at the waves coming in off the ocean just before the wedding started.


My niece, Krissy & her new husband, Jeff united "together" in marriage on Saturday, September 21, 2013 -  This wasn't the official ceremony kiss photo but rather one taken after the ceremony and here they decided to rub noses, which I thought was rather cute and sweet.

That's it for this week.  Please stop by both these blogs and visit the other participants.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I will do my best to drop by yours and leave comments as time allows.


  1. I also love the shot of your brother looking out to the ocean, and what a wonderful place to have a wedding. Beautiful scenery. Your neice is just lovely by the way.
    On that rule of thirds, I always heard that the extra space should be in the direction that your action is going, but I think that is a hard rule to figure out too.

  2. The open road is amazing!! That slug is insane!! Ad i love the Bonneville dam! So fun!

    Stay dry, I hear it's horrid by you!

  3. Beautiful shots! Looks like a very lovely wedding on the beach! Aside from dive bombing birds!

  4. Lovely pictures. I really like the one of your brother by the water. I think you have rule of thirds captured.

  5. Cute shot of Colleen and the dog. She seems a bit wary of that dog.

  6. your songography image is AMAZING, i love what you did with the words, a-top the photo!!

    and your shs images are awesome as well, you know my favorites were the wedding pictures. that's a wedding i would have loved to attend!!

  7. Great photos. I really like Bear and your Alone shot.

  8. These are wonderful photos for the "two of us" theme! The view from the road is spectacular! What a lovely area of the world you live in. That is one huge pup! I do love the look in Coleen's eyes! A little wary but happy. And what a beautiful wedding on the ocean! So sweet.

  9. Wow these are great that poor little boy but very funny. LOL

  10. Ahhh, love the processing you did on your Song-ography photo. Gives it such a vintage feel. Looks like you had a wonderful adventure on the road this past weekend. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  11. Looks like you mastered the rule of thirds! The together shot was also a rule of thirds! By the way, I never heard of a rule of thirds, but I never took a photography class, either. I learn a lot from you ladies. Wonderful pictures, all!

  12. These are all so wonderful! Love the bride and groom! The look on Colleen's face is priceless with the dog. What a dog! Oh that slug! Yikes!!

  13. The wedding shots are gorgeous Ida -- have you ever considered doing some professional photo shoots? Or maybe you already do. :)

  14. What wonderful wedding pictures! I love that last shot of the happy couple.

  15. Great together photo! And made me smile is pretty funny!

  16. I've been down that road in the first photo many times. It's a lovely scenic route. Your slug photo is a great one for the prompt. You've got lines all this way and that. Of course, I love the photo with the dog, and your brother alone on the beach.

  17. Hey, Ida!
    Love the photo of your brother staring out at the ocean.
    I probably know how he feels...pensive.
    Looks like a great place for a wedding.
    I've never heard of Songography...
    I'll check it out.

  18. I thought that dog was huge! I did not know malamutes could be that red and brown color. We had one that was mostly black and silver. They are beautiful dogs.

    I also like the shot of your brother looking at the ocean.

  19. The beach looks like a lovely spot for a wedding. Bear is certainly a BIG dog. :)

  20. You always have the best photos. The one of your brother by the waves is great and I love your granddaughter with the big dog. Hope you are having a nice week.

  21. You certainly had the perfect occasion to match the prompts!! What a beautiful wedding! Love those petals on the sand!

  22. Great shots Ida!
    I especially like your shot for the song and the one of your is brother is awesome.

  23. Oh my gosh Ida, I used to have malamutes and my whole heart went out to that photo. That is one beautiful pup! Lucky that you got to see him. I keep running into friends who do Ashley's challenge. Have to go check it out next time.
    PS: The look on little Coleen's face is priceless; good thing these dogs are really gentle and people loving.
    Hope to see you tomorrow for Nancy's random 5. :)

  24. the rub nose photo is so beautiful! xxo


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