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Friday, September 30, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday Five - Sept. 30, 2016

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Today's post is for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE
1.  About 2 weeks ago we made another trip down to McNary Dam to see the Salmon as the "fall run" was going on.  We saw quite a few in the fish viewing room but it was hard to get photos of them.  On the way home we stopped at a road side information sign and I took a few pictures there.

This is the sign that tells about the history of the area.

Across the river (The Columbia) on a barren hill you can see a Vineyard.
2. We had rain recently and I went out and snapped a few "raindrops on roses" shots. - Soon the roses will be finished blooming as the days are getting cooler. 
3.  Along with the Orb Weaver spider I've mentioned before and shared last week we discovered a large garden spider in my flower bed.  Coleen and I have been enjoying watching both spiders as they've spun webs and captured bugs to eat in them.  Here is the Garden Spider with last night's supper.

4.  Coleen decided to play Volleyball this year.  It's been fun going to her games and watching her play.  I did a little collage of some of the shots I've taken at her games.

If you enlarge the collage above you will notice in the first shot how she is chewing on her lip.  She does that a lot during the games.  In the middle photo she is waiting to hit the ball as it comes over the net and at the right she is serving.  One of the things she does best.

5.  Finally because I haven't posted a recent photo of our newest kitten, (Caramel Honeybun) I thought I would share this sweet photo of her.

She is growing so quickly and is such a little character.  Life is always fun when you have cats & kittens around.  Never a dull moment for sure. 

Hope you have enjoyed the Random 5 this week.  Don't forget to stop in and check out the other participants.  Have a great weekend.


  1. We are now visiting our second home in Illinois and are enjoying two granddaughters playing volleyball. They are only 1 year apart and often both have games at the same time, so we help with the transportation but must miss one of them.

  2. Awesome shots of the rose + spider! What a sweet kitten!

  3. honeybun is just precious and that is a cool shot of the spider.. love the droplets and rose petals. I used to do my lips that way when I was coloring or doing something detailed.

  4. If you have any extra rain please send our way. Yesterday we had 1/2", well it's better than what we have been receiving. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Great five, Ida! Good to see Coleen having fun at volleyball and nice to see your sweet kitty looking so inquisitive!

  6. Love the raindrops on roses!! Great photos Ida.

  7. My in-laws cat loves me. He's not very playful so it doesn't seem like it at times but my mother in law told me he runs straight to the door when he hears the doorbell.

  8. I love all these photos, Ida. Just look at those macro flower shots!

  9. Ooh, I love your shot of the spider! I'm not much for spiders, but that is a really great capture.

  10. Oh my that kitten is so darn cute! She makes up for the spiders...although they are interesting to watch from a distance.

  11. Have enjoyed your post, the beautiful rose, sweet kitten, funny volleyyball and I like to watch spiders too - fascinating! They are real artists...
    Have a nice weekend

  12. What a happy busy post. I'm tired but loved reading every word.

  13. That photo of the wet rose is special.

  14. Caramel is the perfect name for her. We have watched the salmon migration at one of the Columbia Dams and I still remember as a little girl watching the Indians fish at Celilo Falls. It is sad what they lost.

  15. Raindrops on roses... definitely one of my favourite things too. Love how you captured this one.
    Spiders... not such a fan of, but their webs do make great subjects.

  16. The vineyard is interesting on the hill....I keep walking face first into spider webs these days, ugh! Great shots you have taken! So fun to watch Colleen play. Such concentration! Your kitten is so sweet:) Enjoy this first week of October - time is going so fast! xx Karen

  17. I played volleyball. One year I was an outside hitter and the next year they made me a setter. It was a big adjustment but once I realized I could do it, I enjoyed it. The best feeling was when I was able to set the ball cross court and behind me.

    Love the kitten...sooooooo cute!

  18. i am not a cat lover...but i do feel that would change if i spent a little time around a kitten. the droplets on the rose are exquisite!!!


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