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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Good Fences and Little Things Thursday

Welcome! - Hope you are having a good day.  I've been sick all week with that horrible cough where you feel like your guts are going to be ripped out of your chest every time you cough.  I've chugged down a ton of Tea with Lemon & Honey in it and am slowly returning to normal.

So today I'm joining Gosie (Looking for Identity) and Tamar (Randomosity) for:



First up for Good Fences:  I offer two different seasons (Fall & Winter)
Spotted these gorgeous fall trees and a rock wall last fall and realized I hadn't shared them yet.

I love the bright cheery colors here.  Perfect to help ease up "winter blahs" for those of us still suffering through the woes of winter.

Speaking of those "woes of winter" here is what happened January 31st here in my neck of the woods.

Yep more snow (about 3-5 inches)...believe me I am so ready for winter to be over.  However I did think it looked pretty as I lay in bed watching it come down outside. 

So now for Little Things Thursday.  -  I've been thinking lately about how our actions, thoughts & words can make a difference in the way people view the world.  So much (negativity) is about today.  People are rioting, protesting, complaining etc....and quite frankly it's just getting tiring.  So I thought why not try to be more postitive.  Why not try to find good in the world and encourage each other.  Regardless of who won the election, or your beliefs about race, religion, politics etc....there are still good things to be thankful and grateful for in the world. 

So my thought today is to offer you encouragement that the world is still a beautiful place and that we must do our part to build each other up and not tear each other down.   It's a "little thing" that can mean a great deal to someone else.


  1. lovely winter but I hate it In Europe we have a lot snow, too

  2. I agree with you on the little things and hope more will agree and strive to encourage. I just saw on TV a young couple with two kids in the grocery store here, were discussing in the aisle what to put back and what to keep... some kind man must have heard them, because he left a 100 dollar bill with the cashier to give to them.. your photos are both beautiful and inspiring, fall or winter

  3. I'm sorry you've been so sick. It's hard to get over a cold in the winter months. Take care of yourself my friend. Hugs, Diane

  4. I loved seeing your snowy day photo as we have had no snow so far this winter!
    Thanks so much for sharing that encouraging verse and thought as it means a lot!

  5. You sure said a mouthful....just a bit of kindness can really make another person's day.

    BTW, I love your rockwalls, and love snow pics.

  6. Those are awesome photos. I know it's true that little things make a big difference. I need to remember that. Have a great weekend and feel better soon.

  7. Beautiful shots! Yes, we do need to build each other up. A good reminder.

  8. you are ready for winter to be over? Our winter has not yet started :( It is gray all over. Love that snowy fence.

  9. The snow looks pretty. I hope you're feeling better soon. My daughter has had a cough like that for awhile. It's awful!!

  10. Wonderful photos and thoughts, Ida!
    I'm sorry to hear you have been ill, fortunately getting healthy again. In addition to lemon and honey, have you ever tried (aromatic) steam?
    Your new header photos are lovely.
    Have a happy and healthy February! ♥

  11. Yes, we definitely all need a little encouragement, and could be doing more encouraging ourselves. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. I'm fine now, but was out of it for nearly a month. It is quite difficult to be positive when you're not feeling well.
    Great photos, the rock wall photo is gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend and continue to take excellent care of yourself so you don't relapse.

  12. Love your new header!! :)
    I've been sick this past week too, so here's to healing prayers for both of us. Love the pretty snowfall one -- surprising since I have got enough of that white stuff outside my own window too. ha.
    And it's so true - we are supposed to build one another up with encouragement and love. The stories I enjoy are the ones I am hearing about people going to serve others. Lawyers at airports, etc. Sure you can stand in a march or picket line -- but maybe you could be used elsewhere too.

  13. Your photos are lovely! I really do like to see snow falling but it doesn't happen much around here! Your Bible verse is perfect for your efforts to be more positive.

  14. Lovely colors in the first and snow is nice to see from out of the woindow, and is enough for this season!
    You're right, we should see the positive things, but many people have a big fear for the upcoming time. Here in Germany too. I do no more read all the hate-comments on tired -

  15. That first photo is gorgeous! Great rock wall and some awesome colors. Love the snow on the trees, too! Beautiful!


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