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Monday, September 17, 2012

Macro Monday - Locust Borer

Joining Lisa for Macro Monday today.

I was out taking a walk the other day and decided to walk down the alley where I had discovered the Chinese Lantern Plants featured in this post.
I discovered a plant with some unusual bugs on it but had no clue what they were.  Then when I was sitting outside on our porch the other night I spotted the same bug on one of my Marigold plants. 

I decided to upload a photo to Bug Guide to try and identify the bug.  They are very quick to help with information.  I learned that this bug is a, Locust Borer and that the plant in the first photo is a Goldenrod Plant.

They are pretty cool looking bugs and I like the fact that this one decided to land on a yellow marigold plant in my garden.

Have a great day and don't forget to check in on Lisa's blog to see some other great Macro shots.


  1. Very good photos and a unique bug. I am so allergic to goldenrod. I sneeze like crazy when I get near it!

  2. What a striking creature - great capture!

  3. Very interesting bug! I've never seen on like it!

  4. Beautiful shots! Love the black and yellow pattern!

  5. Very nice post. I took photos of what I thought was a hummingbird because its wings moved so fast. What I looked at the photos I realized it was not. I found it online it was a humingbird clear wing that cames from Africa. It was fun discovering it.

  6. I get so excited when I see an exotic bug on a plant! -I have a half-sister that wanted to be an entomologist, so maybe it's genetic :) Your pixs are really good, especially that last one with the yellow bug on yellow.

  7. Thats a great looking insect - I wonder how many things like this we miss because we look for things that are big!

    Its also a good story about how you were bale to find you what we call it.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  8. Beautiful bug! I love the last pic.

  9. Great close ups. What an interesting insect!

  10. I think these are the same insects that were terrorizing my mom all summer! :)

  11. Nature is amazing. There was no need for bugs to be fancy, but look at the variety. His hand at work.


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