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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Triple Treat Friday

Fall begins on Saturday here in the US so I thought I would change up my blog banner to welcome in the season.  I hope you like it.

Hey it's Friday and you know what that means....Yes, it's time to join me for my favorite Friday Memes:  Flower Art Friday, Photo Art Friday and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

Click on photo's to enlarge.

This week we are starting with:  PHOTO ART FRIDAY
This week Bonnie gave us the optional theme of The Beauty of Aging. 

Here is my piece:  As I've gotten older I've started realizing there are certain aspects of aging that (aren't so beautiful) but it's how you deal with them that really matters.  Inside my head and my heart,  Time Stands Still.  So no matter how I'm feeling on the outside there is still beauty on the inside.

The sentiment is a line from an Amy Grant song titled, Stay.

Here is my original photo:

I added a layer of Bonnie's texture:  Vintage Vellum in Hardlight at 100%
Then I added another layer of Bonnie's texture:  Other World in Screen Mode at 100%.
These were both added on PicMonkey.

Please stop by Bonnie's blog (Pixel Dust Photo Art) to check out the other fabulous participants.

Next up...


Here is the original photo:

A single Nasturtium blossom photographed on an end table.  I added a free texture called, Paint on PicMonkey erasing the texture off the blossom and stem.  Did a few tweeks with different effects (Soften, Boost) and then added the quote.  I really like this piece inspite of the fact that after I had it finished I noticed that the quote was wrong.  The website where I got it from had an error and instead of saying "Once" they had One...needless to say I had to go back in and start all over.  It took me about 5 tries at editing to get the result that I wanted but I persevered and am glad that I did.

Please be sure to stop by LeAnne's blog, (Photos by LeAnne) and check out the gorgeous floral array that awaits you there.

Finally it's time to join me for:


Last week I took a walk early on Friday morning and discovered something just laying on the sidewalk that I normally would walk right by.  It caught my eye though because it was, "Orange" and the object of Orange You Glad It's Friday is to post something that has the color orange in it.  I think it's kind of fun to spot something unexpectedly like I did that fits the theme.  Hopefully you don't think I'm to weird for taking a photo of it.

A simple piece or Orange Plastic bent into this shape and just sitting on the sidewalk.  I think it's fun though and hope you do as well.

Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. The first one is my favorite; Nice autum colors and lovely photo processing.

  2. Your hard work really paid off! I love that paint texture and I agree that we never feel older in ourselves, glad you're still young at heart ;)

  3. Oh my goodness - I love those flowers - and the way you photographed them. I could look at them all day.

  4. Great post Ida! I love your 'orange Friday' subject - very unique! My favourite is the definitely the photo that you so painstakingly reprocessed in picmonkey! Love the look ... it looks like a framer to me!! Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Lovely Fall images. :) Nice to have found your blog.

    All the best,

  6. Well done, the result is beautiful!

  7. you're having some good fun here!! I have had to go back and forth and start over many times... It warms my heart to hear I am NOT alone in that!!!

  8. Beautiful images and quotes!
    I love your fall header.

  9. A great find!!! I dont see it on the Orange You Glad Its Friday list though :( I also love your nasturtiums and the very autumn-y looking aging seed pods.

    Hood Photo Blog

  10. Wow Ida - these are really great pieces of photo art!!! Love the first and adore the treatment on the nasturtium too. Your philosophy on aging is tucked away in my little brain ... Thank you!

  11. with all the beautiful shots and words my favorite one is the original Nasturtium blossom. so simple, so beautiful.

  12. This is a wonderful meme! I will definitely participate.


    Tito Eric from Panglao Island, Bohol

  13. Hi Ida,

    You are indeed a wonderful shutterbug. I like how you've transformed your photographs into marvelous works of art!


    Tito Eric from Panglao Island, Bohol!

  14. haha, I love that orange thingie. It has a great shadow too.

    I loved your editing in the first shot. It calmed down a quite busy shot. Well done using it that way.

  15. Ida, I do like that silly piece of plastic. Between the interesting curves of the piece, the shadow it casts, and the contrast of the rough sidewalk, it speaks to me!

  16. Gorgeous post..beautiful imagery! very dreamy and I love the softness and calm beauty of your images..very inspiring!

  17. You captured some great photos for this week's contributions! I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  18. Neat to see you are having fun with textures, Ida. I love Picmonkey. :)

  19. Beautiful shots and treatment Ida.My favourite is the third one - and not just because it is orange:) I like the background texture which makes it look like a painting.
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comments.

  20. You did a fabulous job with the editing. I love the quotes that you chose. I love the change up on your banner for fall ;)

  21. Your comments on time standing still and timelessness really struck a chord. I enjoy your texture work and I particularly love the orange nasturtium. Orange always makes me feel happy.

  22. I love what you did with your images - lovely processing! And the quotes are beautiful, too...thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! :)

  23. Beautiful pieces! I really love that texture on the nasturium image - great effect.

  24. I am so impressed you manage to link up with more than one meme with this post.
    I just love the single Nasturtium they are so lovely and the texture you chose is gorgeous. As for the orangey wire thingy, brilliant! but that's what we do: keep our eyes open. Well done.

  25. Hi Ida - your wonderful processing is just beautiful. I especially like the words that you used for both - and, the sidewalk orange "thingy" is totally interesting. Thanks so much, too, for visiting me this week. Hugs from Alaska. kareninkenai


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