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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have a "blooming" good Friday !

It's Friday and time to link up for Photo Art and Flower Art Friday.

This week Bonnie (Pixel Dust Photo Art)  gave us the optional prompt of,
Abstraction(s) from Nature.

I wasn't totally sure what exactly to post so hopefully this fits the theme.
I did very little editing on this piece other then cropping, slight color and sharpness corrections and the framing.

This is a rose in my mom's flower garden aptly named, "Scentimental" due to it being a very fragrant smelling rose.  I love the varigated patterns of the petals which to me appear to be very abstract.

Be sure to stop by Bonnie's blog and check out the other great entries.

FLOWER ART FRIDAY  Next up is my entry for Flower Art Friday at Photo's by LeAnne.  Enjoy!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Such a wonderful example of the abstract forms in nature. Beautifully composed and edited, Ida. Thank you for sharing with PAF.

  2. This is one beautiful rose. What a great name for it. I love your header too - very colorful.

  3. Underbara blommor och foto. Ha de gott.

  4. BEautimous, Ida!! I love feeling like I am falling into your rose.

    Wondrous work!!

  5. Really lovely colors, great compositions, I really like. Nice pictures.

  6. Nature has a way of making its own art. We just have to observe it. I think the rose fits the theme beautifully and your second picture;wow. Valerie

  7. Oh Ida! These are both so beautiful! I have several macro images similar to your rose's easy to get lost in those beautiful waves of color in a rose, isn't it? And your other photo is beautifully composed and edited! It's so soft and almost vintage.

  8. I love athe curve teh blue flowers makes across the last shot. Loosk great. :)

  9. These are just lovely and definately framable.

  10. The cropping is what made it abstract along with the varigated colors ... Bonnie's prompts have become very challenging since she took her break, hmmmm. But, you seem to get it. I will look forward to what you come up with for "figure" :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. i think this fits the theme perfectly~! and is beautiful~!
    love the way that you have the shot composed and the colors are very interesting.

    i have to say that i like your other photo a lot too~!


  12. Oh they are fantastic, Ida - I wish I could smell them :D - Two lovely pictures :) - Thank you for visiting my site .. (

  13. Ida - I honestly don't know how you do it! I did not realize you had another blog, ( I landed there first)wow! that is a lot of work. Not only to make the cards but organize all those blog hops. Fantastic cards by the way.

    So here I am back on you photo/life blog. Loving the images you included this week for Photo Art Friday. And I think you were right on the mark with your abstractions.

    PS-Your grand daughter is beautiful.

  14. These look so pretty. I love the editing on your rose...


  15. Ida, I really how your processed like the macro shot of the rose in your mom's flower garden!

  16. What wonderful colors on your daisy composition. Great.

  17. Hello and happy Saturday. What a gorgeous rose. I only wish I could smell the sweet fragrance on this cloudy afternoon.

  18. I like both pieces, Ida. Very nicely processed. I always enjoy rose petals and I love the coloring in the second one. thanks so much for sharing and caring to comment always. karen

  19. Love the composition of the scentimental rose and the processing in your Flower Art Friday shot!


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