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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 - Plus 1

Hi,  It's time once again for the Quarterly Top 5 featured on Ashley Sisk, Amber Cullum and Sarah Halstead's blogs.

This shot was taken this summer during Coleen's swimming lessons.  She absolutely loves swimming and I love the look of concentration on her face in this shot. - Just in case you are wondering about the (Eight) I used this shot for a Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompt of, Eight.

Again another shot that was used for a SHS prompt. - I love this photo because it features Coleen acting silly with our Pug, Cricket.  She adores that dog.

I like this shot because to me it shows the innocence of childhood where making a Wish by blowing on a Dandelion (or in this case a Milkweed) head can make anything seem possible.

This shot has never been posted on my blog before today.  I love it though because Coleen has such expressive eyes and she loves all of our kitties so much.  This one is, Callie-Jo.

Again this shot has never been published until today.  I took this at the Salmon Feed this summer.  Coleen decided to suck on some lemons and I snapped this fun shot of her.  I like it because it shows she's not afraid to try new or different things.


Finally as a "Bonus" shot I'm including a picture of my daughter, Greta (Coleen's mom) because she says I never take pictures of her (pretty much true) to share.

This is a shot of her and our adopted "stray" cat, Piglet that we have been taking care of for about a year now.  He's allowed inside at night after the other cats have gone to bed and they are sharing a bonding moment.

That's it for this quarter.  Enjoy.


  1. So sweet - I really love the one that has never been posted before.

  2. Great shots! Love the 4th one. Gorgeous eyes!

  3. I love those pictures, very pretty and sweet. Saludos.

  4. What a darling granddaughter and beautiful daughter. I enjoyed each and every photo. You are super talented.

  5. The dog shot cracks me up. A perfect match


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