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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just Saying Hello

HELLO! -  Okay I won't leave it at that because that would just be silly to post one word.

Sorry I've been absent this week from visiting blogs.  Spent a couple of days not feeling to well.  In fact Monday I spent most of the day in bed.  Not sure what was going on.  Upset stomach, headache, body ache etc...probably a "flu" bug.  Feeling better now.

So before I go any further I must say we had sad news this week.  I found out on Tuesday that Fred the cat (you know the one who caught the snowflakes HERE) got hit by a car.  Some neighbors up the street from us found him laying under a tree in their yard.  Apparently the person who hit him at least took him out of the street so he wouldn't get ran over again and again.  -  It breaks my heart that the poor little guy didn't even make it a year before being killed.  Those kittens weren't born until May of last year.
His brother, Ghost has been hanging around our houses a lot more lately and wanting me to hold him and pet him.  I told the owner who acted like he was really upset about losing the cat but come leave them outside day & night, only feed them when you can and expect them to survive on their own.  Makes my blood boil.  -  I know I've shared this picture before but I wanted to share it again:

                                                Rest in Peace, Fred. 


  1. What a sad situation, Ida :( I don't understand how someone can treat any animal so neglectfully, especially one they "love". Yet people who know we have indoor cats, ask us what kind of life is THAT for a pet??

  2. RIP,Fred. And a boo, hiss to Fred's owner. Fred was really a handsome boy.

  3. It's a beautiful image of Fred and such a sad story!!

    Sucks to be sick, but best to get it out of the way while its still cold and snowy!!

  4. So sad for Fred. I agree, it makes my blood boil too when people don't take care of their pets properly and then have the nerve to complain if something happens to them.

  5. :( So sad. He was a beautiful cat.

  6. My heart just dropped, Ida! Oh, I'm sooooooo sorry about Fred. Of course, I remember him. I loved him so much I pinned him to my "Too Cute for Words" board on Pinterest. It just makes me feel ill.

  7. I'm so sorry about Fred! Losing a pet, even a fairly new one, is so sad. Too many people don't care for their pets at all, as you said. I'm glad you love yours :)


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