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Friday, May 8, 2015

Willy-Nilly Friday Five and other stuff.

Happy Friday!

It's time to join Tanya (Around Roanoke) for the very fun meme:  WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE.

1.  Last Saturday my hubby, my mom, Coleen and I took a drive over to the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick & Richland, WA) to have dinner at the Red Lobster.  On the way I tried to get some photos of some of the scenery.  It's hard getting pictures through a dirty windshield and a hubby driving 70-80 mph.  Anyway here is one of the shots I took of some Train Graffiti.

Normally I'm not a fan of Graffiti but I think it looks neat on train cars.  For some really great examples of Train Car Graffiti check out this website:  . I especially like the first photo on page 10 of that website.  Apparently not everyone thinks of this as art though.  Here's a link to an anti-train graffiti device:  I'm think though that it's designed more for people destroying the inside of commuter trains rather then the ones pictured above.

2. We also spotted these colorful beehives on the way.

I'm not sure why they are such different colors but it sure made for a great photo.  -  I did find an unusual article about bees and M & M's.  Check it out HERE:

3.  Spring is in full force here now and that means time spent outside planting flowers, weeding and watering.  Here is a shot of one of my Azaleas and a Martha Washington Geranium.

I also can't resist showing this snowball bush from someone else's yard.  I love these bushes.  Maybe I should get one.

4.  I've had a long history of being afraid of spiders.  They just creep me out.  What's strange though is that since I started doing photography I've found myself less intimidated by spiders.  I spotted this "Jumping Spider" on my mom's shed and took some pictures of it.

For some unusual spiders check out this link:  or this one:

5. Are you a fan of the Terminator series?  I am (I know you wouldn't have thought that about me) but it's true.  Here's a sneak peek at the new movie:

I can't wait for July 1st, I'll be checking this one out at the Theaters for sure.

Some bonus stuff:

My hubby got the pins removed from his broken finger on Monday.  Thought I'd share a picture of the X-ray and the pins.  He was most relieved about getting them removed and being able to move his finger again.

For Feline Art & Feline Friday:


Editing on BeFunky. - Bandit
Just one more:
Our two youngest.  The newest edition Bandit is on the left and Spooky-boo is on the right.  These two have become "best buds" and often sleep together and love romping and playing together.

Have a great Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there. 



  1. I love those colorful bee hives!!!

  2. so glad the kitties are getting along. glad your husband's hand is mending! beautiful blooms - like the snowball bush.

  3. Great photos of life out your way. The train photo captures the ever rolling cars so well, and the beehives with their color are a cheering sight.

  4. Hi Ida! Those flowers are really stunning. Azaleas just don't grow big here in southern California. Love the colorful bee containers, too! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. the pic of the kitties together makes me feel good.. so sweet. glad they like each other.
    the train photo is really good and hard to believe you took it while flying with hubby down the road.. came out fine. i like some graffiti but not all. some of it is art when done well.
    your snowball bush is amazing.

  6. I happen to like graffiti but am not sure when it is "art" and when it is vandalism. I guess there is a fine line there. I am going to check out the train link you posted. Should be interesting. I'm a fan of Martha Washington geraniums, too, although I've never planted one. Your cats are just gorgeous!

  7. Your flowers look lovely. Your other cat seems to have readily accepted the newbie.

  8. Love your photo line-up. I'm not a fan of spiders either!

  9. Hello Ida, nice variety of images. My favorites are the flowers and your cute kitties! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  10. Gosh cute kittens. I like it a lot on rail cars too, especially fun to see when stopped for a passing train! Interesting story about the M&M's and it's funny we have different colored honey over here, for different flavors. Cherry honey of course is really red, as is cinnamon and so on! All great pictures.

  11. Hi Ida, You know I love the cat photos! So happy that the 2 youngest are buddies. I love snowball bushes too, but don't have one. I love your geranium and azalea. I know your husband is glad to be able to use his hand again. Hope you all enjoy this special weekend together.

  12. #1 On the other hand I am a fan of graffiti.
    #2 I never could understand who theu are a rainbow of colors.
    #3 That azalea is beautiful/
    #4 Spiders are only insects with two extra legs.
    #5 No.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  13. I've never seen colored beehives before. very interesting! I'm amazed with some of the graffiti on the trains that come through here. I wonder if those that do this realize that they have a talent and if they ever you this talent for their GOOD?
    Hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day Weekend...

  14. Great shots, you guys find amazing things to share and photograph!

  15. At boring traincars graffiti can be really great...
    My favorite for today is your photo of the beehives - its so matching in all its colors.
    Cute cats!
    Have a nice weekend

  16. I have never seen so many colourful beehives in one place!

  17. There's nothing more fun that watching kittens play, so I'll be they are delightful. The bee hives are very unusual, don't know if I would have known what they were. Glad Hubby's hand is better!

  18. A jumping spider? Seriously? That would get me so far out of my comfort zone that I just don't want to think about it. Does it bite? I'll bet it does! You see I'm obsessing about it now. Darn!

    Love the snowball plant. I've got one in my garden, but it doesn't look anything like as robust and beautiful as your neighbour's does.

    So glad that Mr Gorgeous, the Bandit, is settling in. He is one cute cat.

    All the best,


  19. Well, Ida, I don't have a kitty for a pet otherwise I would join in. I haven't seen any cats in a while to take photos of even. We used to have them in our neighborhood all the time but I haven't seen one in ages. Great post with lots of lovely photographs, kitties especially :) Ouch on your husband's broken finger. Glad he is feeling better.

  20. The bee hives are so colourful and I daresay there is a very good reason they have been painted this way. I do love the train with its street art. I am a fan of street art if it is done properly. I am glad your hubby is able to move his finger once again, it looked quite nasty with the pins. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  21. Great, busy post! Cute kitty, too.
    I looked for the photo to caption. Do you still do that?
    Take care of yourself, and those kitties!

  22. Love your beautiful blooms. It brightens the place with colourful bee hives. Hope your husband's hand is healed completely and movement restored fully.

  23. Happy Mother's Day and I'll bet your husband is super happy to get rid of the screws. Love the snowball bush- I want one!

  24. I really wonder about the different colors of the beehives...I wonder was it to make them warmer....I think in general they are white to reflect heat. Though not sure if that is right, or it was just something I reasoned out in my mind.

    Love your feline art. And now that I am on my regular computer, going to try to look for the pic of hubby and kitty.

  25. Such beautiful spring flowers, and cute little kitten!

  26. Charming set of pictures! The flowers are lovely.

  27. I haven't stopped by your blog for a while, so I'm having a wonderful time catching up! So many beautiful photos, as always. And those kittens are adorable!

  28. I have never seen such colorful beehives, love it! As always, love your photo's, but the one of Bandit alone is just precious.

  29. Awww...Bandit is adorable and so is Spooky-Boo.

  30. Really gorgeous blooms!! And YaY for happy kitties!!

  31. These kitties are too cute.

  32. i think train grafitti is neat too! love those colorful hives! hope your hubbies hand is doing better! thank you for linking!!


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