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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - What a week

Wow I did not think I would get this up and posted but here I am. I've spent the last 2 days at the hospital with my mom.  You can read more about this below after my post. - It's time for my entry for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
The words this week were:  Orange, Fly, Under, Words and Always look on the bright side.
I strugged with a few of these but finally got something done so lets get started:

Orange:  I didn't want to do a Pumpkin photo for my orange so I decided on this photo of one of my Perennial plants, Some type of a Wallflower plant.  I love the color of this plant and sure hope it will weather the winter here.

Fly - Taken from my photo Archives.  I tried and tried to think of something for this and couldn't seem to get any decent shots.  I took pictures of airplanes but they were blurred, I tried some Carrier Pigeons but the shot wasn't close enough, I tried an Ariel Act at the Circus but the lighting was to poor so finally I remember this incredible (imho) photo that I had taken and just happened to get lucky enough to catch the bee in flight.
Under: This one gave me some trouble but not to much.  I decided on taking a photo of the underside of a toadstool in my mom's yard.  I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts laying on the ground with my camera snapping pictures of a toadstool.  It's not the greatest of photo's but I think it works.
Words:  This one I knew right away what I wanted to photograph.  We have a couple of really cool signs on buildings here in town that I've always been fascinated with.  One was above the old movie theater but I couldn't get a decent photo of that so I opted for the other sign.

Lastly: Always look on the bright side.  This one gave me the worst time.  I just couldn't think of anything to fit this concept.  Here's what I finally came up with.
I figured when you look on the "bright" side of a situation you should be able to smile about it so without further ado...
This is a portion of a new Halloween wall canvas that I recently purchased.  I think that pumpkin is certainly looking on the bright side.  I know it's probably a stretch but under the circumstances of the last few days I'm just happy to get this posted.

On Friday morning my mom came over a little before 7:00 am and said she wasn't feeling well. She told me she had a burning sensation in her chest and back that just wouldn't go away. Naturally our first thought was, Heart Attack and after a few minutes of trying to decide what we should do we opted to just go to the ER. It's a good thing we did. Her BP was up to 201/97 NOT GOOD. They gave her medication for her heart, and also to lower her Blood Pressure. She was feeling pretty good but the ER doctor felt she should be admitted and spend the night so they could monitor her BP and other vital signs and rule out that it was a Heart Attack. So she spent Friday and most of Saturday in the hospital which was where I was most of the time as well. I'm happy to report she is home now and doing a lot better. We'll see her regular doctor on Wednesday but in the meantime they have her on BP medication and a bunch of other stuff as well.

So be sure to drop by Ashley's blog and check out the other enteries.  This is really a lot of fun and I hope that this coming week is a lot less stressful for me and I can get my post up a lot sooner.
Have a great week.


  1. Glad that you and your mom acted fast in going to the dr. And your photos are lovely....iliked how you sneaked a pumpkin in at the end.

  2. My favorite is your words shot.

  3. Very nice series of images...glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. My Mom lived with me for the last 2 1/2 years of her life and my life was filled with Dr's appts, blood tests, etc etc, but I wouldn't change anything about that time. I loved having my Mom with me.


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