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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fun - June 26, 2015

Happy Friday! - Hope you all enjoy your visit here today.  So let's get started with the fun. - Click to enlarge photos.

CAPTION THIS:  Last weeks winner is.........

Annie from McGuffy's Reader who came up with this fun caption.  Congrats Annie you will be in the running for the monthly prize.

Here is this weeks photo

You'll have until Thursday 12:01 PM (7/3) to send in your caption.  Leave in the comment section please.  Have fun. - Thanks again to everyone who sent in some really fun captions.


Last week I did 5 photos with a particular theme.  I asked you to guess what it was.  For those who guessed,  (Light) you were correct.  There were a few who thought it was (Texture).  This week it's really "obvious" what my theme is.
1.  We haven't seen much of this this summer.  In fact we probably won't see any of it for several more weeks.  We are having a "heat wave" here right now. (Photo from Archives)

For your listening pleasure here is a song that I heard a lot as a child.

 Waves in Lincoln City - (Photo from Archives)

Check out these movies that deal with today's theme.  How many of them have you seen?

One of the fountains from the new Splash Pad that opened here earlier this month.
Check out these water parks:  I went to one once and went down one of those tube things and vowed...."Never Again." 
Small water fall at Bonneville Dam (Archive Photo) - For more waterfall fun check out this sight for the top 100 Water Falls in the US.
Another shot of the water fountain at Whitman College (Archive Photo)
Check out this video of the Fountains at Longwood Gardens. I had the pleasure of visiting here many years ago and getting "kicked out" of one of the fountains.  You can't wade in them!

Bonus shot:  I've been trying to keep the lawn green this summer so have been running the sprinkler a lot.  I decided to shoot this in BW just for the fun of it.
If you guessed....WATER today you would be correct.  If you guessed anything else you must not be paying attention!
Oh for FELINE ART today I took an old photo of our sweet departed Eric and cartoonized it and added a frame.  I still miss him very much.


Notice it also fits the "water" theme.

I sure wish those of you who've had rain (not floods) but rain would send a little our way.

Can you see those temps? - I think I'll go take a cool bath.


  1. my favorite is the kitty drinking and that splash pad fountain is amazing art to me... we have lots and lots of rain, every day but it is hot hot hot. by noon every day we are pushing 90...

  2. Oh, what fun! I love this caption idea. Thanks, Ida!
    I will go ahead and suggest one here, too even if you don't consider it. "Aww, nuts! It is so hot that I feel like I'm melting!"
    I like your themes, too. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello Ida, pretty images! I love the shot with the waves! And your kitty art is adorable. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  4. Well, we have had plenty of rain here and it just keeps coming. The photos are refreshing just the same.
    Caption for the Squirrel shot: Psssst, hey... You got a walnut in your pocket?

  5. Hi Neighbor, you gotta any nuts I can borrow?

  6. Love the fountain, the brook waterfall, and the sweet kitty lapping up the afternoon refreshment.

    The caption I figured out for the cute squirrel would be "Ahhhh, did you hear this? Gossip over the fence is for kids!"

  7. I guessed water right away - looks so refreshing - we are heating up too - which is unusual for the Pacific Northwest - maybe I'll go sit under the sprinkler.

  8. Such Brilliant Photos -
    I haven't thought of Marty Robbins in a long while - what good memories -
    AND - that squirrel picture waiting your next title - makes me grin.

  9. Your photographs are wonder.

    For the squirrel: "Hey, Sweetmeat! I'm your new neighbor."

  10. lovely water pics! yay to mcguffy ann!

    my caption: never thought i'd say it, but i miss school...

  11. Love that squirrel hanging on to the fence!

  12. omgoodness, what an adorable "peeping tom"!!!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  13. Love the squirrel on the fence. He looks like he just climbed up and is exhausted. : )

  14. #1 For several weeks it wouldn't stop raining. Now it's dry with rain for the weekend.
    #!B I saw Marty in concert once, he was great.
    #2 Did you have your surf board?
    #3 Great shot.
    #4 I always love falling water.
    #5 Great drips.
    I feel wet now. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  15. Wonderful post Ida..full of fantastic shots and interesting captures.. yes water is a powerful theme..beautifully done ! I adore that squirrel!
    Happy wkd!

  16. Hi Ida, I enjoyed your cool water photos this afternoon. After extreme heat all week, we are finally receiving rain tonight.
    This is the sweetest photo of Eric. I know you all miss him so much. It's so hard to say good-bye, isn't it?
    Wishing you all a good weekend.

  17. I do wish I could send you some of our rain...I keep waiting for ours to dry up...we have sure had a lot. Yep, I guessed water...

  18. I like your watery shots.

  19. I like the sprinkler in b/w. Very artistic!

  20. I guessed "WET" :-) Oh, for a caption, here goes:

    "Hey, somebody said there were nuts on this side of the fence!"

    Loved your post! Lots of great water-themed shots! Just love your clever mind!

  21. I love your water theme, Ida. Those photos are beautiful. It's interesting how you've chosen this in the middle of a heat-wave. Maybe it's a bit like thirsty travellers in the desert struggling towards the mirage of an oasis that's always on the far horizon, and never gets any closer. Wishing you a splendid weekend, Bonny

  22. ha ha I love the one with the little squirrel hanging out on the fence! :)

  23. Great pics, love them all. My comment for the squirrel image is "Is it Friday yet?" You are complaining about the heat and I am complaining about the cold. Nature???

  24. Fun photos!

    Looks like it is hot where you are. Just like where I am. Have a good Sunday.

  25. Water, must be the theme this week..and what great water photos! Quote "whew...I don't think I'll make it!"


  26. Hi Ida,
    I loved all the water themed photos.
    I know y'all loved Eric very much - our sympathies.
    Have a Wonderful Week!
    Peace :)

  27. Squirrel looking amazed me what's going on behind the fence;)

  28. I am horrible at captions, but what a cute image of the squirrel. What a fun contest. Good luck to everyone!

  29. i love all of these watery photos and the squirrel is adorable...caption "hang in there, it's almost friday"! thanks for linking and have a super week :)

  30. You can't hide that bird feeder from me!

  31. We finally got some good rain a few days ago, and it was a relief! We're getting that dry, brownish, dead look that usually comes in August. Definitely feeling like the end of summer. I really like your new banner with the flowers -- cool!!!


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