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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Fun - June 12, 2015

It's Friday and for Coleen the last day of school (Hallelujah!) - Yes I actually look forward to summer and having her home.  It's also time for some Willy-Nilly Friday Five (Hosted by Tanya from Around Roanoke) so let's get started with the fun.

1.  Coleen was playing with her Lego Friends the other night and I just had to snap a picture of her playing with them.  I was looking for stuff about Legos this morning and found several different websites but thought this one was pretty cool.  Check it out: HERE  What a good way to help the environment and have fun doing it.

I love flowers of all kinds and have been super busy this summer trying to keep up with the care of my flowers and my mom's as she just isn't able to do that much gardening now.  This is one of the pretty poppies in her garden.  So once again I like to try and include something about my photos that is interesting and I found THIS ARTICLE about a poppy display at the tower of London from 2014 that is super cool.  I didn't know about it but now I'm glad I researched poppies because this was so interesting.
Sometimes as I'm walking around I spot things that just catch my eye.  This vine covered house was just such a thing.  I like the patterns of the house, the curtains and the way the vines seem to be taking over.  So what could I find that would be interesting about vines?  I looked up: Vine Covered Houses and found this LINK  -  I hope you check it out.
4.Speaking of vines....

Coleen and I spotted these berry vines on growing in someone's yard on one of our walks.  She thought they were Blackberries but I told her they were actually raspberries and she wanted to know why they were turning black then.  Of course I had to look it up and discovered these are actually Black Raspberries (often called, Black Caps).  Here's a brief article about them that has some interesting facts.

5.  Speaking of berries....  I recently purchased a half-flat of Blackberries that we have been enjoying.  I wanted to do something different with them so check out Gina Kleinworth's blog, (Kleinworth & Co.) and found this awesome recipe for Blackberry White Chocolate Buckle and decided to give it a try.  Below is my photo of the dessert but Gina is way better at food photography then I am so do check out her photo's and the recipe.  It was scrumptious!

So that's my Willy-Nilly Randoms this week. 
It's time now for CAPTION THIS:  Last weeks winner is.........
Marie from A Colorful World -  I had Coleen look through the captions people left since she was the subject of the photo and she liked Marie's the best so here it is:
Now here is this weeks photo for you to caption.....
Get creative and send in those captions.  At the end of the month we'll have a poll for all the winners and the winning photo/caption will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to Zazzle where you can find all kinds of neat stuff and even create using your own photos.

These are two of our cats,  Captain Cuddles (L) and Spooky-boo (R) enjoying a nice little nap in the back window perch.  I edited the photo on BeFunky and PicMonkey.

Here is the original (I'm using for Feline-Friday) with a quote I thought was appropriate:


I haven't done Fill-In Friday for awhile so today I'm joining in on the fun:

The statements:
  1. ___ tastes like ____
  2. ___ makes everything _____
  3. If ____ then ____
  4. One word to describe _____ is _____
My answers:

1.  Watermelon tastes like something awful to me.  It makes me sick if I eat it.

2.  Bacon makes everything taste better!  Well not everything but it sure makes a lot of things taste better. 

3. If I could win the lottery then I would be able to travel more.  I'd like to visit a few places but I do love where I live as well.

4.  One word to describe summer here is  HOT   We've already had a record breaking 102 for June and it's expected back into the upper 90's again next week.  Oh goodie! (That was me being sarcastic) I really don't like the heat at all.


  1. Happy summer vacation to Colleen and to you as well! Fun times ahead. I like your photo art a lot usually, but that cat picture is simply perfect in its original form (with that quotation -- that could and should be a greeting card). As usual, in admiration of your creative photos and the great bloggers who come up with the great captions. Everybody is so creative (what am I doing here?;>)!!

  2. legos are the coolest thing. :) i like your flower macro. congrats to marie c! great caption! :)

  3. Your photos are unique beautiful and speaking and well seen so many details... my favorite is the first. So lovely. And, of course, the cats...
    The last has such a deep, like a 3D-picture (dont know, is that in English called too).
    Have a nice weekend

  4. YAY, school is out. I am sure Coleen is happy as she looks! Cute photos. I love the pretty flower and your cake looks yummy! I have try that recipe! Cute kitties and artsy image. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Great bunch of photos today! I love the pink flower and the one of Coleen. Lots of stuff to look at in the links. I hope to get to it all a little later. AND, of course, I love the cat picture both ways!

  6. I LOVE THAT EDIT on the cat photo. WOW! it is beautiful... I did not know lego came in pink for girls, have not looked at toys in 30 or 40 years.

  7. I'm so happy I won the caption contest! I am pretty stumped for a caption on this week's though. I love how you add a LINK to a site that pertains to each post entry! The ceramic poppies have been so marvelous. I saw a photo on someone's blog (from UK) and didn't realize they were ceramic. It was great seeing the full article. So meaningful too. Loved the link to the Lego projects. I actually hope my grandson can get involved with this next year at school. It looks wonderful! Cute picture of Coleen playing with Legos. I know you'll be so happy to get to spend more time with her now that it is summer. Great post!

  8. What gorgeous flowers! Love the house covered in ivy, so classic and gorgeous.

  9. Love this post! You always post such varied and interesting photos. Lego is a big thing on our farm, mainly due to my daughter's Lego Farmer ( It is amazing the resurgence in popularity of Lego in the last 10 years. And we love it!

  10. What a variety of interesting photos. You're no slouch at food photography, either. Your blackberry buckle looks great!

  11. Your kitties are adorable :) I have never heard of someone not liking watermelon, that is interesting.

  12. Great captions! I like the vines creeping and taking over the house.

  13. You have the best photos and most interesting blog!!! Love the sweet cat picture and tell Coleen I hope she has a great summer! I enjoyed the links you took the time to provide. You guys enjoy the weekend!

  14. That cake looks delicious. Could you send a piece my way? ;-)

  15. My kids like Lego's as well.

    Alright for the flamingoes I will say "Mind the Gap".

  16. I'm not sure where to leave the comment for the flamingos. So, I am leaving it here...
    "Oh, girls, help me look. I dropped my diamond ring."

  17. Amazing to see how Lego changed with the times, it has to, but still - so much pink!
    Blackberry and white chocolate buckle - sounds like something I need to try.
    As always, love your cat photo and edit.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. very interesting pictures here. Your header photo is lovely and I like how you have given it a water colored look.. Hoping you have a fabulous weekend....

  19. Great photos! She's got quite the Lego collection! The vine growing up that house is so cool. I love that kind of thing!! Yum, I want some of that blackberry buckle!

  20. Amazing Post - So MUCH to sink myself in to - and - WOW!!! Thank you for the Poppy Link . . Now that's stupendous . . . i would have missed it altogether, if not for you.

  21. Hi Ida,
    i don't know how to put captions on photos, so I'll just send you mine for the flamingoes which is:

    You just HAD to get contacts, didn't you, Susan?

    In other news, have been desperately ill for almost two weeks with a candida infection that went wild because I am immunosuppressed from the MS medication. Mouth, gums, throat, esophagus. Hair's breadth twice of being hospitalized but I fought to stay home. Being a former RN, I know it's safer for me here. After 11 days I think I may have turned the corner this morning. Still confined to bed, but actually had a cup of coffee. Lost seven pounds this week, but I really do not recommend this way of doing it. I was truly afraid I was not going to survive a few times there.

    :) m & jb

  22. Nice photos and LMAO @ I just can't control these jazz hands :-)

    Have a tanfastic weekend & thanks for pirouetting by :-)

  23. Wonderful pictures, I love, great !!

  24. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! That is a very sweet photo of your kitties. BeFunky is a photo editor I've not heard of! Will check it out! The blackberry buckle looks yummy :)

  25. #1 I wish that I had invented Legos.
    #2 What a poppy.
    #3 Vines on houses are a BIG NO-NO!
    #4 Looks good enough to eat!
    #5 I'm in LOVE!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  26. That purple poppy is gorgeous. And Captain Cuddles and Skippy boo are too cute together. I too like the ivy covered house but wonder i the people like it!

  27. Your cats do look like great friends! Love your pictures, and vine covered houses always look so cozy to me.

    As for the picture of the pink flamingos, i can just hear one of them asking the leader, "Are you sure this is the way to the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade?"

  28. Oh Ida, your header took my breath away! I just love how you used the flower images. Your post was full of delight and beauty :) Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs to you!

  29. I always love your cat art...and I could have about did your Fill-ins except the one about watermelon.

    What is even funnier, I took pics of black raspberries just the other day but have not put on my blog yet.

  30. Colleen must be ecstatic about no school for a few weeks!

  31. Hi Ida,
    The catters are looking very suave as usual.
    I like the black raspberry cake - relish!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  32. Love the photo and quote for Feline Friday. The winning caption for last weeks photo is perfect. I kept drawing a blank.

  33. I will take your 90 heat!! we are having such chilly weather up here for June. and rain. It's like it's April again.. except we still had snow in April. I have no idea what the purpose of the calendar is anymore. LOL

    that recipe looks delicious - I will have to try that when the berries ripen up here. if they should ever get some sun!

  34. Enjoyed the Feline Art! Your photos are all beautiful--love the flower. I wish I could taste some of that blackberry dessert in the photo--you should offer free samples on your blog (don't mention I could make myself some...) ;)

  35. If I had a Coleen, I would love having her home as well. I hope she has an amazing summer!! The desert looks awesome, I may have to try that.....I am much more of a "foodie" than a sweet treat kinda' girl, but that really looks good. Could be a nice breakfast treat!!

  36. Your kitties are such good subjects. So sweet!

  37. We hopped over from the Kitty Par-TAY Feline Art. We love your artwork. It's very impressive :) Pawkisses :) <3

  38. PINK birds of a feather....flock together!

  39. what a cute shot of colleen...that is the type of picture she can look back on and remember the day building with her legos...beautiful flower and i love the vine house...will have to check out the link...caption "keep looking, i lost my contact here somewhere"
    have a great week and thanks for linking!

  40. For the captions this...
    I guess it is true--birds of a feather flock together!

  41. Live tbe perspective of the poppy! The color is so soft. And the kitties are too adorable!


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