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Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Fun - June 5, 2015


First off it's time to announce the winner of the CAPTION THIS contest.


Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) had the most votes for Option C - Tulips.  Congratulations Theresa.  You will win a $10 Gift Certificate to Zazzle  I'll be contacting you for your information in the next couple of days.

Thanks to all who participated.  It was a very close race.  The new Caption This is below:

Just leave your best caption in the comment section.  I'll pick out a winner and announce them on my blog next Friday.  At the end of the month I'll put up a Poll again with all 4 photos and choose a Grand Prize winner.  Have Fun!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIDAY FIVE


One of these things is not like the other.  Can you pick it out?  -  I drained some macaroni for a salad I was making and found an intruder in the mix.  Couldn't pass up taking a photo of it.


Just another shot of the Whirlygigs that are on the campus at Walla Walla Community College.  I think they are fun and colorful.

We went for a Picnic over Memorial Day and on the way back I snapped this photo.  There use to be some sort of a water system that piped water to the town of Milton-Freewater years ago.  All that is left now are broken pieces of the trestle lines.  I wish I could find more information on it but after search for some time this morning I gave up.  It's still a really cool photo.

4. Belly-Dancers performing in the park last weekend.

Here is something you probably didn't know but when I was much younger (in my 30's) I actually took a few Belly Dancing lessons from this very group.  I wasn't great at it and I didn't take the lessons very long but it was fun.  Check out this gal:  Now that is talent.
5.  Some colorful puppets we saw at the Craft Fair in the park last weekend.  Coleen didn't buy one of these but she did purchase a little tiger puppet.
Time for the cats.....

FELINE FRIDAY:  The Original Photo:
The cats got a new toy.  Bandit seems bored here but he loves the toy.  So does Spooky-boo who was really having fun with this.
Have a great weekend.  I've got company for the day so I may be awhile viewing your posts.



  1. LOVE the intruder, i might have missed it if you had not asked if we saw it. and i like the shot of the dancers and of course the kitties... they had a dancer like this come to the nursing home and dance and all of them just loved her.

  2. thanks for that! :)

    my caption for colleen's photo: 'my kingdom for a horse(shoe)!' (since she's standing in what looks to be a horseshoe pit.)

  3. Wonderful photos for your Friday Fun! Cute shot of Coleen. I found the bowtie pasta. The kitties, whirlygigs and puppets are cute. Have a happy weekend!

  4. OH! I see it! I see it! The frog in the noodles!
    ;P m & jb

  5. Love your shot of the puppets at the craft show!

  6. Your cats are so pretty. What colorful pictures on your blog today!

  7. Love all the colorful images. The ruins of the water system is an interesting shot.

  8. Congrats to TexWis!
    My cats have one of those toys, too. Trixie especially loves it.
    I hope that each of you enjoys the upcoming weekend.

  9. Congratulations, TexWisGirl!

    I saw the bow in your macaroni...I was relieved because I was looking for something much worse! That would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

  10. Great photos Ida!! I thought of you when it was stormy...

  11. Congratulations to Theresa! I just totally loved that caption. As for the one to caption today:

    Grandma, just count them! I told you I had 10 fingers!

    Love your feline art...Bandit is adorable. And I love those whirly-gig things!

  12. Those are such great pictures. Lovw the all colors of the puppets.The kitties were really cute too. We have a toy like that too, and love it.
    My caption would be: 'Whoooo Hooooooooo I won the contest.'
    Have a great day.

  13. Both my kids....long ago, had bird puppets just like these!! Love the Belly Dancers and congrats to Ms. T for the caption win.

  14. Your post is so cute, Love the kitties especially!!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Thanks for hosting, hope you have a great weekend!!

  16. Oh the kitties. So precious.

    Have a fabulous weekend. :)

  17. My caption" "I just can't control these JAZZ hands!"

    I love the old waterworks photo, and hey there's a bowtie in my macaroni! :-) So, you took some belly dancing classes...we learn so much about one another, and it's fun! Colorful whirligigs and marionettes! Have an awesome weekend!

  18. Love your feline art. When I look at the macaroni, it looks just there's a mini ducky in there!

  19. i see a bow-tie pasta mixed in with the elbows!!! colleen....."joy in the outdoors"!!! congrats to tex, she is a clever girl!!!!

  20. Some lovely colours! I saw the odd one out but now I am hungry for macaroni cheese :-) I'm going to have to think about the caption, she looks very similar to my daughter when she is trying to explain something very loudly!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  21. Great catch on the bowtie in the elbows!

  22. #1 I've an appointment with the eye doc next week.
    #2 How near.
    #3 Looks like the cave IU've been in for years.
    #4 I've got a belly, but never danced.
    #5 Big bird's bothers and sisters?
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  23. Loving your random 5 for the week. the kitty processing is lovely and also enjoyed that belly dancing video. she has that down very well! Hope you are having a great spring

  24. Fun on Friday! Or on Sunday for those of us bloggers who are chronically behind times. Love how you made a painting out of the kitty photo ...and the Iris in your header. Just lovely. If we ever get back to our first home town (Clarkston) again, I will make sure to stop at the WWCC campus ..those whirligig art pieces are fun and I love outdoor art. (We have no family left in Clarkston, so when we are in oregon for the summer nowadays we don't make that trip. In our other life, when we lived in Oregon and still had parents and other family up there, we traveled the Columbia gorge hwy, thru walla walla and then to the lewiston Clarkston valley at least a million times!

  25. The old water system is interesting to see! Very pretty whirligigs!

  26. Love the "intruder". Thanks for the smiles to start my Monday!

  27. Congrats to Teresa! She is always so clever. I like you're cat picture.

  28. Awww, that kitty is adorable. The cat is too, but the kitty is really adorable.

    I hope you had a great weekend. ☺

  29. I love the line of puppets and the whirligigs maybe because they are both so colorful. Your header with the irises is just wonderful. Great artwork Ida!

  30. Great photos, as always! I love the caption - so funny. Love the belly dancers, too. I confess I've never tried it - and I think it's probably better that way!

  31. Caption This: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  32. Caption: STELLA
    loved teresa's caption, hilarious!
    haha a bowtie, right in the center!
    that's a cute whirlygig!
    i thought that was an old mine...don't you hate when you try to research things but can't find anything on it?!
    belly dancers are so colorful, looks fun but i know i wouldn't be very good at it either lol...thank you for linking...hope you are having a great week!!

  33. I often come late, but I come...
    Have enjoyed all the colors in your post, the dancers and the funny windtoys..
    but the intruder I cannot find (maybe my eyes are to bad).
    Today is friday again - have a nice weekend


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