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Friday, November 13, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday Five

Hi! - I've been absent from participating in
WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE for a few weeks and thought I'd join in again today.  WNFF is hosted by Tanya (Around Roanoke).
 Here are 5 Things and some photos that I'm thankful for today.

1.   I'm thankful that when I slipped last night trying to "herd" cats to the bedroom and fell into our dishwasher I only bruised my hand and didn't break anything.  I'm also thankful no one (especially my hubby) saw what happened.  I'm sure it was pretty comical as I had one cat in my arms and was trying to move one with my foot when I accidentally stepped on her tail, she yowled, I dropped the cat I was carrying, slipped on the floor and banged hard into the kitchen counter and dishwasher.  Cats went running every direction.  I bet it was quite the sight.

2.  Speaking of cats....I'm thankful to enjoy cuteness like this every day.

Bandit & Pepper on the Left - Bandit and Spooky-boo on the Right.
3.  I'm thankful for this sweet girl.  She's a joy (most of the time) to have around. 

 Recovering after her surgery last week.
4.  I'm thankful for this little dog, and a halfway decent photo of myself.  You will notice Coleen is the photographer for this photo.  This was taken during one of our nature/photo walks a few weeks ago.

Me & Pixie (my mom's dog)

5.  I'm thankful for time to relax, time to work, time to play, time to reflect...well you get the picture.

The "Tick-Tock" balloon that was at the Balloon Stampede in October.
Bonus Photo since I mentioned being thankful for colorful fall foliage yesterday.   I spotted 3 very different and yet colorful leaves in our driveway.  I picked them up and arranged them on the sidewalk for a little photo shoot so I could enjoy their color a little longer.
Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Glad to see you :-)
    And your cats are especially cute... but I often wonder why cats are always near by our feet in the worst moment. Not just once or overthrown therefore or stepped on the tail.
    Hope your hand is soon right again.
    The last photo is my favorite, the leaves with the shadows...
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. We all have a lot to be thankful for...I;m glad you didn't get seriously hurt.

  3. Whenever I do graceful things, I'm always thankful if no one is around to see Glad you weren't hurt too bad.
    Love the picture of you. Coleen is a good photographer.

  4. I'm thankful for your post. Very nice photos.

  5. I'm sorry you fell, but laughed out loud almost because I could so picture it..I have stepped on cats enough to know what you felt and how that yowl sounds! I fell in my kitchen last year, and it was loud...I don't even remember why I fell, but I did get up laughing. Like you, was so thankful I was not hurt. I have fell as many times in the past 3 years or so as I have fell in the rest of my life!

    Actually enjoy all your randomness, and share some of them.

  6. Beautiful photo of you and Pixie. I love the pretty leaves and of course, those sweet cats snuggling. So thankful you did not break anything when you slipped...the things we do for our cats! lol
    Wishing you and your family a nice weekend.

  7. Glad to see you still blogging. So many who do it so well have given it up.

  8. That sounds like quite the fall. I am glad you are ok. Very lovely photo of you and Pixie.
    I like the balloon's smile, and the leaves are pretty!

  9. What lovely images. Your cats are gorgeous. Glad you didn't do yourself - or the kitty-kats - any serious harm when you fell over. I'm always tripping over my dog. He expects me to walk around him, and I don't always see him ... . Hope the lovely Coleen is over her op, and wishing you a wonderful weekend, Bonny

  10. I'm thankful you weren't hurt any worse either! Animals can trip us up, for sure, but they are wonderful! And daughters being around...more wonderful than words can express! A lovely post!

  11. A lovely post Ida and I enjoyed all these photos, though sorry to hear of your fall. Glad you weren't hurt any more than a bruised hand. That's bad enough.

  12. Oh my... I have heard the saying 'herding cats' and I guess that is what you were doing. Glad you weren't hurt any worse.

  13. That's a lovely five! I hope your daughter recovers well, the capture you took is so lovely in black and white. Take care xx

  14. Cats cuddling warms my heart. Hope she is recovering nicely from her surgery.
    My one daughter brought several interesting coloured and patterned leaves into the house, so that she could hold onto the colour for a little more time too. I had not the heart to argue against. :)

  15. Lovely photos. Colleen looks so sweet lying there. And the leaves are wonderfully colored. Ours are quickly falling and beginning to decay.

  16. It's silly, but I do have a fear that someday I am going to have a big indoor mis-step and it will be feline related! Glad you were only bruised in your mis-step.
    Lovely to see you in a photo :)

  17. Wishes, Dreams & Other Things has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  18. I'll bet that was a comical sight. So glad you were not hurt.
    A half decent picture of myself is all I can ever hope for. I always look like a goof in photos.

  19. Oh, that balloon is a hoot! I found your cool blog through Jerry's link. What a beautiful black and white photo of your girl.

  20. I am thankful for you and your blog. You are so pretty and make me smile. I am also thankful that you and the kitties all survived the crash. I couldn't help but laugh when I read it, but I know how stuff like that hurts now that we are over 30. Take care and install some speed bumps!

  21. i had been missing you! so glad you joined in! great finds and i love the photo of you and pixie! thank you for linking and willy nilly is up and running now if you have one to contribute! sorry i'm running late! have a great day :)

  22. Oh, Ida, I'm sorry to have laughed at your story about the fall in the kitchen. But I did. Out loud. If you'd gotten hurt I'm sure I wouldn't have laughed. Bet that was quite a sight! That is a great photo of you. I'm so not photogenic. I wonder if I really look like that or if I'm just fooling myself when I look in the mirror. Candid photos are much better.


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