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Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Fun - October 10, 2014

Good Morning! Well it's Friday and that means it's time to join in on some Friday Meme's.


So let's get started on some "random" stuff by joining in on WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE hosted by Roan (Around Roanoke)
1.  We've had some beautiful evening skies lately.  Stepped out the back door the other night and saw these clouds.  Hurried back inside to get the camera.  They reminded me of sunlight rippling across water.  What do they remind you of?

2. Fall is here now and of course fields are being readied for a new planting season.  Caught sight of this guy across from Bennington Lake yesterday.  I'm not entirely sure what he's doing but normally this field has wheat in it so I'm guessing it's been disked under and will be replanted.
3. Coleen is out of school for a couple of days (School Conferences) which by the way are so "weird" now.  They let the kids come to the conference, they don't give actual grades but instead talk about their performance scores on the standard state testing for only Reading & Math.  Coleen did great but she has a problem with turning her homework in.
In the afternoon we took a trip back up to Bennington Lake and saw this lady heading out onto the lake.  Looks like fun doesn't it.
4. The Flame Maple trees that are just around the block from our house have rapidly been changing colors.  I went out and snapped a bunch of pictures before they all fall off the tree.  I'll share more later on but for now here is one for you to enjoy.  I think these trees are gorgeous.

5.  We had a new type of squirrel visit our bird/squirrel feeder the other day. Would you like to see it?  .........

Okay it's really not a squirrel but rather:

Eric (the cat) who decided this was a good place to rest.  He's such a silly cat.  Joining in with Steve (The Burnt Food Dude) for FELINE FRIDAY.
Lastly I'd like to join Hilary for FOLLOW FRIDAY FOR FILL-IN FUN.
The statements:
  1. Today is ___
  2. _____ is little ____ about____
  3. To have a friend you must____
  4. I wish I had____ in high school and not____
My answers:

1.  Today is what you make it.  I've heard that said a lot.  Whatever your attitude is will determine how you handle what your day will be like. 

2. Life is little moments about loving others and giving of yourself.
I seem to be in a philosophical mood here today.

3.  To have a friend you must be a friend.  I know you've all heard that before and it's true.

4.  I wish I had been more out going in high school and not so shy.


  1. Eric is a handsome mancat.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. Scritches to Eric. ☺

  2. now this cat is truly an opportunist! Also the cat is ever hopeful. Hilarious photo!

  3. adorable cat! great reflection shot. and lovely popcorn sky!

  4. Hi Ida,
    You have a different looking squirrel, who is very cute.
    Loved the photos!

    Have a Peaceful Day!

    Peace :)

  5. Your squirrel is delightful LOL! Have a great weekend and enjoy it with your family.

  6. oh i am laughing at eric the cat haha, how funny! the boys won't have a day off of school till thanksgiving break, gah! we haven't had anything since labor day. we have a new school calendar and i am hating it so far! dalton has the same trouble forgetting to turn his homework in fact we were just talking about this last night lol...wonderful fall photos! have a great weekend and thank you for linking! :)

  7. i always wonder how steady those boats are? will you flap etc? i love my kayak. rainy here in VA.

    have a great weekend. ( :

  8. I love clouds like that!! I never got stand up paddle boarding this summer, oh well!

  9. I really like the photo of the cat--he's so soft and fluffy, and his eyes match the green in the background beautifully. The fall colors and the lake are also picture-perfect!

  10. Cute kitty!!! That reflection shot of the punter on the lake is just gorgeous.

  11. Cool reflection of the paddleboarder? I love the sky shot and the pretty leaves.. Lovely series, have a happy weekend!

  12. It looks like the farmer is planting. That's a planter he is pulling.


  13. Great shots. The cat in the bird feeder or is it a cat bed is great, Tom The Backroads Traveller

  14. I LOVE your sighting of the rare and beautiful Eric Squirrel! LOL!

  15. You are so right about the first photo looking like ripples on water. It would be hard to say for sure whether it was sky or water if you hadn't identified it. The lake is so beautiful with its glassy surface. All the photos are fantastic, with Eric ranking way up there!

  16. I enjoyed your 5....when I saw that sky, I thought what a great fabric that would be...but your description of it is perfect...what a big squirrel you have!

    Enjoyed your Friday fill=ins, too...I was shy, too...still am in a lot of instances.

  17. I was so shy at first in high school too. but I joined the theatre club and that helped a lot.

    Ha - the kitty has found a nice place to rest.

    that looks like my tree!! It's all glorious colour right now. but soon - it will be naked and I will lots of raking to do.

  18. Eric the Cat cracked me up! :-) Loved your lovely photos!

  19. LOVE the cat in the feeder. That's really cute.

  20. Definitely agree with your #1, that today is what you make it. :) I laughed at the photo of Eric the cat in the bird feeder. Have a GREAT weekend!

  21. I love the farm scene! That is what I look for when I truck with Bill. Truckers like Bill, and farmers, have my respect.
    I love Eric the Catbird! Ha!

  22. The fall leaves are so beautiful and I LOVE that quote, it is perfect for this image!!

  23. have i found it??/ the place to tell you I loved this post . . i thought the cloud picture WAS water . . had to look twice . . and, that cat . . golly, what an amazing "purr-son" . . that's one great face - . . (thank you)

  24. what a great place to take a little rest. smart kitty. i am going to have to tell mama to get me a bird feeder.

  25. Autumn colors in these beautiful photos, great tones in the leaves !! Wonderful reflections in the canoe!

  26. The sky is gorgeous. Beautiful photos along with the statements.

    LOL On the cat in that bird feeder.

    Today definitely is what you make it.

    Great answers.

    Have a good week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

  27. Oh, that first picture .... gorgeous! Love the colour of the maple leaves, and I'm still laughing at the cat, er, bird feeder shot!


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