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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange

Recently I participated in a Tea Cup/Mug Exhange hosted by the lovely Stephanie (The Enchanting Rose).  This is a lot of fun.  You get a nice surprise in the mail (either a Tea Cup or a Mug) and a chance to make a new friend.

Stephanie posted the LINK to the exchange earlier this week and I forgot to get my post up on time (shame on me).  Anyway here is the mug I received from my partner, Kathy Weisz.  Kathy has an Etsy shop which you can visit HERE:

Isn't that Tea Cup pretty.  I really liked the colors and the dainty rose pattern on the cup and the gold accents.  She also included a wonderful selection of her favorite teas.  Some of which are also my favorites, particularly Earl Grey.  -  Thank you Kathy for a wonderful exchange.

Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to put this all together and match people up.  I look forward to doing this again.


  1. that's a pretty pattern and autumn colors. :)

  2. Happy Saturday-so glad you enjoyed your tea cup and teas, this was a fun swap and I enjoyed meeting up with you and also my swap partner.

  3. What a beautiful teacup and a nice idea, Ida :) Mum was a teacup collector as a military wife; sadly most of them disappeared after her death :(

  4. really pretty cup and a great idea

  5. Very pretty for sure!

  6. Hello Ida
    This was such a fun tea cup swap organised by our sweet hostess Stephanie!
    Your tea cup from Kathy is just gorgeous and so reminiscent of gracious days in the past when 'ladies' took tea in the afternoon!
    So kind of her to include those lovely teas as well - bloggers are the nicest people!

    Wishing you a very happy weekend

  7. This tea cup is just adorable and what fun to get this surprise in the mail... tea and all! Wow! Sorry that I missed out on this! Sounds like alot of fun

  8. Oh how nice. I wish I had seen this. I would like to do a Christmas card exchange.
    Thanks for commenting about the watermark. I surely don't want my familys photo's stolen or used thats why I watermark. I always enjoy visiting. I wish there was a way to link your Header in the Fabulous Fall party. It is beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. That is a lovely cup, for sure. I don't have any fancy ones that are not part of a set. Maybe I'll have to keep my eyes open for one at a flea market.

  10. I love your tea cup, Ida, especially the way it looks like it is on a pedestal. The colors are quite beautiful.
    I trust you are having a beautiful week end.
    Joy to you! Debbie

  11. Hi Ida! The tea cup is extremely beautiful and I love the way the pedestal is so feminine and dainty.

    I am so glad you participated, sweet friend. I hope you were richly blessed. Love and hugs!

  12. It's a lovely cup. I like your bold and beautiful fall header, too :)

  13. Hi Ida,
    Your teacup is lovely! I agree that Stephanie is so kind to organize this exchange for all of us! Wonderful to meet you here!

  14. That is so pretty Ida. It looks so dainty and the colors are wonderful. This was my first time doing the exchange and such a fun idea. Glad you participated and had a wonderful surprise. :)

  15. I remember your last tea cup exchange. Or was it a coffee mug? I'd like to do coffee mugs. It sounds like so much fun! Maybe cocoa mugs. I need to talk to my friends about this. The cup you received is very pretty! Love the fall colors.

  16. that's a beautiful pattern and the perfect colors for this time of year. i don't think i have ever seen china in those colors!!!

  17. That is very pretty! What a fun idea.

  18. What a lovely idea for an exchange!


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