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Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Willy-Nilly Time and a few other things.

Happy Friday! - What a week it's been.

Let's get started celebrating the weekend by joining Tanya
for Willy-Nilly Friday Five.  I'm including 5 Random photos that may or may not have anything to do with my Willy-Nilly 5

1.  Every year since 1974 there is an annual Hot Air Balloon Stampede here in May.  This year ZERO balloons went up due to bad weather conditions.  The new organizers of the event want to move it to October in hopes of better weather conditions.  Today was a "test" launch and several balloons went up.  Sadly my camera is acting up again and doesn't want to focus on sky shots (anyone have any idea why?) but I managed to get a few decent shots.  This is one of them.

2.   Long Story being made as short as I can. Two weeks ago I called a TV company about Coleen's TV not working.  They told me that it was a problem with the Access Card and it would need to be replaced so they would mail me one.  After several days of the card not arriving I call the company up again.  They said apparently the Postal Service had lost the card and this time they would send me one by Fed-Ex - Overnight.  In the meantime the mailed card finally arrives but I don't want to use it because they are coded and I was afraid it wouldn't work since I was suppose to get another one via Fed-Ex.  Yesterday I call the company again, they have no record of the one being shipped over-night.  I'm on the phone with a Technician for an hour and we still can't get the card that came in the mail to work.  Finally he tells me that they are going to have to send someone out to our house.  That guy arrives, looks things over and says he'll just switch out the entire box and that the problem had nothing to do with the Access card.  He fixes the problem and leaves.  About an hour later the doorbell rings and what should show up.  The card from Fed-Ex!    -  Now you know part of what my week has been like.

Full view of the fountain on Whitman Campus.  A section was featured last Sunday in the Scavenger Hunt for the prompt, Saturated.

3.  It's been raining here off and on all week long.  These clouds were taken earlier in the week before the rain started.  I thought they were pretty.  Much nicer then the gloomy gray of the sky today.

4.  We love to drive around and find fun Halloween decor.  Spotted these ladies and just had to take their picture.

5.  A friend sent me a bunch of pictures in an e-mail the other day of odd looking vehicles but I couldn't find the link to where she got them.  Instead I found another one and thought you might enjoy THIS:  Which one is your favorite?  I like the Peanut one and the Lobster one.

One of the paths at Bennington Lake that you can hike on. 
See I told you the photo's would not necessarily match the 5 thoughts.
I've had a bit of a "Willy-Nilly" week so I thought my post should reflect that.


  1. hodgepodgery at its finest. love the fountain and cute ladies on brooms. ;)

  2. Balloons are great! The witches are great and the the food inspired vehicles are a blast!!! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. i don't know which is my favorite, maybe the burger car! it's got a lot of detail..we've seen the weinermobile around though and it is pretty exciting lol..i have a pic of the boys in daughter's tv just broke too, what's up with that?..i like that balloon! have a great weekend and thank you for linking :)

  4. i don't know which is my favorite, maybe the burger car! it's got a lot of detail..we've seen the weinermobile around though and it is pretty exciting lol..i have a pic of the boys in daughter's tv just broke too, what's up with that?..i like that balloon! have a great weekend and thank you for linking :)

  5. i love willy nilly thoughts and all your photos today are perfect, i see nothing wrong with any of these. sometimes it is hard to focus on things in the air, the camera can't see that far.. i love those paths and would love to walk them. your TV company had me laughing but i do full understand the frustration. been there done that in similar types of things with a debit card. glad the TV is working.. sadly customer service reps are hired from the human race. LOL...

  6. Very fun the sky picture, and wonder where that path leads?

  7. Lovely photos! I especially enjoyed the cheerful fountain. Photos with water in motion are so refreshing!
    The path in the fifth photo looks really inviting.
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Looks like a fun hiking trail. Very good photo of the air balloon! Neat cars!

  9. Pretty shot of the HotAir Balloon.. Wow, so many problems, Is this from a Satellite Tv? I love the lineup of witches, very cute.. The path looks inviting.. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Great photo of the balloon and I love the clouds in the third shot! Very nice!

  11. Wow, that tv story is totally "Murphy's Law."

  12. ...your 2nd entry...all I can say is whoa...what a week dealing with technicians and TV.

    LOVE!! the witches in the yard and it is a beautiful sky before the storm.

  13. I laughed and laughed at your story about the tv folks. I went through a bit of a similar experience with Comcast recently. I'll spare you the details, except to say dealing with those people can be among life's most frustrating experiences.

    I'd rather look at your clouds any day!

  14. Like your last picture.

    If you write your story is way too small.

    Make it bigger thank you.

    You can put large and it will make it readable.

  15. Have a nice and successful weekend

  16. Your experience with this access card made me laugh. This is especially funny as it didn't happen to me. Sure you were feeling a bit frustrated. murphys law definitely in effect for you in this. Sorry your camera is not focusing right. You could, in an emergency, use manual focus, but bet it will need to go to the camera hospital. That is so aggravating and can be pretty expensive too! Love your shots and think all of them are just great

  17. I love cloud photo's and think that your photo is beautiful.

  18. I love hot air balloons….hoping you get to see many more soon. The whole tv card situation is a comedy of errors; surely not so funny for you though.
    Love the fountain and the lovely path!

  19. OM gosh!! I love those food cars! The wiener one of course is classic, but I think I'd definitely hop in the Cadbury egg one in a flash

    Great pics - not sure why the camera won't focus on the sky, but mine does that too sometimes. I often have to shift what I am trying to focus on (like your pic had the tree leaves) and then it will take the shot.
    Love the last one with the path. postcard perfect

  20. These are fabulous photos! The sky is incredible and I love the path cutting through the tall grass. I crave a walk on it. Crazy story about the TV!

  21. Is it just me or does that balloon remind you of Wizard of Oz?!


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