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Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday 5 and Other Stuff

Happy Friday! 

Let's join Tanya (Around Roanoke) for

I thought today I would take a peek back at some sunnier, warmer days with my photos.

        Coleen enjoying her first summer trip through the sprinkler in June.

1.  Have you had enough of "winter" already even though it doesn't officially begin until Dec. 21st?  -  Perhaps you might enjoy traveling then to these destinations to escape the winter blues.  Bermuda or the Bahamas sounds good to me.

    Some pretty pink lupines I spotted in someone's garden this past summer.

2. How about some summer time music?

                           A summertime song bird in some reeds.

3. Well today we didn't have "icy" road conditions - Hip, Hip Hooray.  There is still ice in place so you have to be careful but it's warming up a little.  Should you be stuck inside due to bad weather and have kids I found this really neat sight with tons of activities to try.  I'm thinking Coleen might enjoy some of these during her Christmas break.  Check it out HERE

                    Some summer berries on a tree I thought were pretty.

4.  Something "artistic" and amazing with leaves.  My good friend sent me this link and I'm sharing it with you.   Can you imagine the patience it would take to create stuff like this.

 I spotted this fun little storage shed this summer when I was taking pictures of the Pelicans.  I think it's cheery.

5.  There was a little blurb in our paper the other day that caught my attention.  I'm a fan of the book/movie, Gone With The Wind and thought this was pretty cool.  Apparently it was worthy enough news to be shared in People Magazine.

Also joining Adrienne (My Memory Art) for Six Word Friday.

 This weeks theme: Season


Now for some Feline Friday fun I'm sharing this photo of Eric stretching this summer.  I just love the curvy tail this cat has.

That's it for today.  I hope you've enjoyed your stay here.  Have a great weekend.


  1. cute stretchy cat. :) love the pink lupines, too.

  2. Eric is a handsome mancat and I too love his tail.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. :)

  3. #1 Now come on, enough winter! Ask me sometime around the end of January. Those lupines are glorious.
    #2 Mungo Jerry, I haven't thought of him in ages.
    #3 Oh yes bored kids.
    #4 How cool is that. Reminds me of silhouette artists in colonial times.
    #5 Slow reader, just like me.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. awesome orange kitty! Love that tail!

  5. Nice photos and what a beautiful cat Eric is :-)

    Have a furrytastic weekend

  6. Like you, I've had enough of winter; a vacation to somewhere tropical sounds like a good idea!

  7. Ida, pretty series of summer images.. I love summer, I wish we could just skip winter.. Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm not real happy about fall racing through like a hurricane wind. It seems the leaves changed one night and dropped the next. Where does time go? Love the kitty- very cute.

  9. Great shots and nice to be reminded of summer. Guess we have to get through Christmas first though. LOL! Hope that your holidays are just wonderful! Coming really fast!

  10. I actually enjoy winter, but I do sometimes miss the colors of summer. I enjoyed your photos!

  11. Great images! I love the bird in the reeds!

  12. How wonderful to see these summer photos on such a rainy, windy night. I keep thinking we need the rain so we can have another beautiful summer. Speaking of beautiful -- Eric certainly is that!

  13. Lovely, gives us all something to look forward to!

  14. Good morning, that's a good idea to remind of warmer and better days with your pictures - thank you :-)
    But the cat I my favorite again..
    Have a quiet second Advent

  15. I enjoyed your post. I'm properly cheered up now, having seen all your summery photos!

  16. A look back to warmer, summer days is always a pleasure. I like Eric stretching...he's might handsome.

    And the pink lupine...I've never seen pink before.

    Also your apartment complex fencing is great.

  17. Coleen looks like the water was chilly at first and she looks full of joy to... beautiful summer time pics. we are having fantastic weather here just in case someone doesn't want to go to and island.

  18. Summer photos are so appreciated this time of year!

  19. Wonderful pictures, I love how you managed to capture the beauty of these flowers, especially surprised face of the girl!

  20. Lovely summer views...Love the berries. And the cat looks a lot like the one I posted today. Having trouble linking in though! :-(

  21. LOVED the summer shots...i'm already tired of the cold and it's not even that bad yet lol...colleen is so cute as always! thank you for linking and hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far!

  22. Thanks for the trip back to summer. :) Wish I could stay there.

  23. Hi Ida,
    Is that cat imitating a squirrel's tail? :)
    What a captcha!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  24. I hadn't thought of The Story of Ferdinand in years!

  25. Ooop! I'm sorry about my earlier comment. I had more than one window open. What I was trying to say is I wish I could stretch like that cat.

  26. Beautiful collection of photos for the week. I love your neighbor's lupines and the bird among the reeds.

  27. I am definitely already ready for spring and summer all again. Thanks for the lovely reminders of warm times :)

  28. oohhhh our six words, almost exact!! and that's a very cool image. colleen looks a lil "shocked", the water must have been cold!!!!

  29. Oh, it's so nice to see summer pictures!!

  30. Such beautiful colors. You have me thinking I should start looking at vacation planning. South... where this is color!

  31. well this was actually a perfect escape for today -- because the weather outside is frightening! we are expected to get 20 cm of snow today!! it is snowing, but it's not too bad yet.
    Still, Bahamas would be lovely!


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