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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grandma's Glasses

Well today started out fairly normal....

Then I went to put my glasses on so I could walk Coleen to school and said glasses were no where to be found.

Normally every night before I go to bed I put them in the drawer of the nightstand on my side of the bed.

I look in the drawer and, no glasses.

I search the bathroom thinking that I may have put them on when I got up and left them on the counter when I took my shower.  No glasses.  So I ask Coleen if she's seen them. "No Grandma."
So then I think well maybe I left them in my Office last night and forgot to bring them into the bedroom when I went to bed.  I hurry in to see if the glasses are there, no glasses to be found.  Of course I don't see well without my glasses so I'm having a hard time finding them.

Coleen is getting nervous and asks, "Grandma, are you getting frustrated?"
Yes, Yes I am.  I can't see without my glasses."
I call my mom and she comes over to help locate the missing glasses.
We look under the bed with the flashlight thinking that maybe the cats knocked them off the nightstand and drug them under the bed.  Nope, no glasses.  It's getting later and Coleen needs to get to school so I'm thinking I may have to walk her without my glasses.

Coleen:  "Grandma,  Who's going to call the school and tell them that my Grandma can't find her glasses?"

I'm thinking, "No One because who wants people thinking that I'm some crazy old Grandma who can't remember where she put her glasses!"

Finally I remember that I took them off after watching a televsion show and I recall putting them in a drawer of the nightstand like I normally do.  So I open the bottom drawer (where I NEVER put my glasses) and what do you know, that's where they were!  All is right now in Grandma's world and Coleen makes it to school on time, just as the bell is ringing for everyone to head to their classes.

Whew....what a morning!


  1. haha...i need to put a beeper on mine!!

  2. Cute story. If I ever wore my glasses then I would probably lose them too. I just can't get used to them.


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