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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - The Metal Sculpture Edition

Hi! - Well this week I'm sharing some photo's taken back in Feb. of this year.  Coleen and I made a trip around town to take some pictures and we discovered this Metal Sculpture downtown on Main Street.

There is a Nest and birds in the tree...

A Closer View of the Nest...

There is a butterfly or dragonfly (not sure which it's suppose to be)...

A Spider in it's web with it's prey...

Lastly some funky flowers at the base of the tree...

Hope you have enjoyed a little bit of the "art" that is part of our downtown. 


  1. Fantastic sculptures! It's obvious a lot of work went into those.

  2. That's a cool find! My favorite part is the funky flowers! They make me smile!!

  3. That a beautiful piece, Ida. I wouldn't mind having that in my yard.

  4. That is neat sculpture--love the spiderweb.

  5. This is beautiful. Far better than taking to a scrap metal yard. This is a good use for old pieces.


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