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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - May 20 , 2012

Welcome! - It's been a "busy" week here so I'm going to confess upfront that all but 1 of my photo's this week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday  are archived photo's.  There just wasn't much time for finding new photo's for the prompts and besides these photo's were just dying to have their day in the sun so I went with what I had. 

This weeks prompts were:  Rainbow, Fluffy, Letters, Metal and Tree(s).

Photo's Edited in Pic Monkey and Pixlr-o-Matic. Texture on Fluffy from: RHWest (Plaster Postale)

First up:

RAINBOW:  - I did have a couple of old Rainbow photo's in the archives but none of them were all that spectacular so I decided to go a bit of a different route for this prompt.  The annual Hot Air Balloon Stampede was held this past weekend and on Sunday I caught this shot of one of the balloons and think it qualifes under the Rainbow prompt:

                                                           FLUFFY:  This one was easy because the next door               
                                                           neighbors have this beautiful fluffy cat who's name                     
                                                           just happens to be, wait for it....

Fluffy! - She visits quite often and I snapped this shot of her one day on my mom's front porch.

                                                                      Again I went with something a bit "out of the box" for this 
                                                                      prompt.  I didn't want to do handwritten letters and I was
                                                                      having trouble thinking of what to do when I remembered
                                                                      that I had a cool photo of a sign that sits on a walking 
                                                                      trail along one of the Creeks and Community College 
                                                                      campus.  It's got lots of "letters" that form words that 
                                                                      become an odd poem of sorts when your read it.  What's 
                                                                      even stranger is that the other side of the sign has more of
                                                                      the poem/story.

                                                                                              METAL:   Awhile back I shared some shots
                                                                                              of a Metal Ball on one of my "Whatever"
                                                                                              Wednesday features so when it came to this
                                                                                              prompt I remembered that the same day I
                                                                                              took those shots I also took some shots of
                                                                                              some rather unusual lawn decorations.

There are actually 3 balls sitting in the yard but the 3rd one wasn't visible in this shot and the ones I got with the 3 balls were blurry so I didn't use them.

                                                                           TREE(S):  I chose a part of the tree you don't often
                                                                           think about for this prompt.  This is one of the old trees
                                                                           in our local city park:

Today is Hubby's Birthday (5-20) so I'll be busy helping him celebrate but I hope to get around to as many blogs as I can and leave comments through out the week if at all possible.

Next weeks prompts are:  Beneath Your Feet, Capturing Movement, Texture, Face Your Fears and Currently. - Oh my those sound like some challenging prompts.


  1. My faves: The tree and the letters. Awesomesauce.
    The G is Silent

  2. Such a great photo for the rainbow prompt and your letters shot is quite interesting. I wish I had given more time to this weeks prompts as next weeks look a bit challenging!!

  3. Aw, love your set this week, but especially that fluffy kitty. So cute!

  4. Nicely done, Ida! I love the balloon and the tree roots are fantastic!

  5. These are all amazing! Great finds this week, Ida!

  6. Aww, what a great set of photos! Fluffy is a sweetie...and that sign is very interesting. I love your tree quote! Happy Birthday to your husband - have a lovely day.

  7. Great set of shots, but I do admit, Fluffy is just adorable!

  8. Some weeks are like that! Lovely set, whether old or new! have a happy week, Ida.

  9. Aww . . . Fluffy is adorable! Really like your rainbow shot, too. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  10. Great hot air balloon- I love seeing those.

  11. Great job this week Ida, love that fluffy cat and I am a tree fanatic, love the root system!!!

  12. Wonderful images for the prompts Ida.
    The roots on that tree are amazing!

  13. Beautiful set - I think my favorite is rainbow.

  14. I love your metal shot. Those are just cool. And I could only hope to get shots of a balloon festival.

  15. Great job! The letters and metal make me smile! Great finds!! My favorite would be the tree roots!

  16. Great shots. Letters and metal got me going. Tree is wonderful as we
    L. Thanks

  17. those METAL balls are interesting. how big are they? and LETTERS...

  18. Love your first two shots. So creative! Have a great week!

  19. Great set of photos this week!! :)

  20. REALLY like your tree photo..the texture and patter of the sprawling trunk is sooooo interesting!

  21. As always, I'm loving your photos, Ida. The flowers and the cat in a previous post are wonderful. Got to check out that PikMonkey (sp??) for the photo editing. Looks like so much fun!

  22. Such beautiful fluffiness there! Love your shots, Ida.


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