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Friday, November 22, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Hey it's FRIDAY!   - Time for some Random 5 Friday thoughts. 
You can join in on the fun and find links to others random thoughts by popping over to Nancy's blog, (A Rural Journal).

1. They finally fixed the water leak in our street this week! - Yes, there has been a leak in the city water line for nearly a month now.  A steady stream of water bubbled up just past our driveway and down the curb.  Wednesday they finally came to repair it.  Of course they had to tear up part of our yard and the street to do so which meant having to park in the street for most of the day.  Trying to get around all their equipment when I wanted to go somewhere was a bit of pain in the butt but I managed.

2.  This week I lost my Cell Phone not once but twice within 2 days time.
Wednesday morning I couldn't find the darn thing and after trying every place that I had been on Tuesday (Bowling Alley, Restaurant, BiMart) I ended up calling my daughter to see if it fell out in her car since I was with her that afternoon.  -  Yep, that's where it was.  So I fetched it.  Thursday I go to get my phone and it's gone again.  - I finally realize the only place I had it on Wednesday after I had found it was the Clinic where I get my allergy shot. - Called there, yep someone found it in the Parking Lot. - Geez, maybe I need a cord attachment so I won't be dropping it out of my coat pocket all the time!

3.  I've decided that whenever something goofy like RF#2 happens or last weeks appointment mix up that heading to Starbucks for Coffee and a Pastry is a pretty good pick-me-up for feeling like a total dork about the crazy things that I get mixed up on.  - Yep,  had a Caramel Sticky bun and an Eggnog Latte (didn't care much for that one) and brought coffee and goodies home to share with hubby and my mom.

4.  I'm thinking of warm places this week.  You know, like the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Caribbean ....any place that's warmer then here because it's FREEZING cold right now.

5.  My niece's are coming to lunch today.  Their favorite meal for me to fix...Macaroni & Cheese!  These girls are in their 30's but whenever they come over that's what they always want me to fix.  So I'm off to the store to get the macaroni since I'm out.

Thought I'd leave you with a pretty photo of some trees with lovely afternoon sun before the cold set in.



  1. Oh I would love to come for mac and cheese always a favourite.
    Sorry about the phone remember those pesky strings tied to mittens when we were kids? Maybe that was just my Mom never know it may work for you:) I could go for something from Starbucks but it is 40 miles to the closest one:)
    Enjoy your lunch I am still thinking of that. Hug B

  2. So glad you found your phone (twice), hmm, mac & cheese sounds pretty tasty right now!!

  3. doesn't the sun do such magic! and I lost my wallet and life by putting it on top of the car when getting gas, leaving it there and driving away-25 minutes all was spread out on a main road, if I'd had SB's close I'd of had their cinnamon bun and a grande latté! Glad you found your phone X2!

  4. I hate losing my cell phone. I'm misplaced it, too, and I usually panic. I always find it, though, and I'm glad you found yours. Maybe we need to wear it on a necklace around our neck? :-)

    Have fun at lunch. Mac and cheese sounds delicious!

  5. I gave up keeping my phone in my pocket for just that reason! Enjoy your visit with the girls and maybe the mac & cheese will help warm you up! :)

  6. i love mac & cheese. you all enjoy!! do you have a recipe or just too it all together? ( :

  7. LOVE the beautiful autumn woods/trees!!! That's gorgeous.

    As for mac/cheese...I really would like some too. When I was single and would go home for lunch from my job, I always asked mom to make me some mac/cheese. Never ever tire of that dish. It's a comfort food.

    Now, that cell phone 'fiasco'...I lost mine a couple of times also, and finally got me an over the shoulder phone carrier that will also hold my driver's license and credit cards/money. Works like a charm.

  8. PS...I forgot to wish you the best of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. May it be a blessed one for you and your family.

  9. Download the Lookout app to your phone. You can log into your lookout account from a computer to find your phone out make it scream to find out easier. And if the battery behind too die it seems a last known location email to you, in case you lost it.

  10. I don't like eggnog so I wouldn't go for that latte! Hope your cell phone starts sticking around better!

  11. Water repair business is always a pain. Glad you survived. A month is a long time for that to go on!

  12. It's so frustrating when you are waiting for work like that to be done. I think a Starbucks treat is well deserved, especially with the cold snap coming. Have a Happy Thaanksgiving!!

  13. Sounds like you've had a very busy week! Glad you were able to locate your cell phone - BOTH times!
    My son grew up on mac and cheese...
    Lovely photo of the trees in their autumn splendor!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting today...

  14. Love your last photo. Nice light on the trees.

  15. Can't believe it took a month for them to fix the water leak!

    Losing a cell phone is almost as bad as losing car or house keys. Glad some nice person turned your phone in.

    I agree with you, eggnog latte doesn't sound all that appealing but sticky buns, YES please!

  16. That last photo has such lovely light! I enjoyed reading about your week. Hope you keep track of cell phone now! We are finally having colder weather here -- which means it goes all the way down into the 50s!

  17. Oh yes, the photo of the trees is beautiful!
    I am also no winter person and wants to be a migratory bird ... only when it starts to snow, then I like it anyway.
    Otherwise I pray that the winter is not too hard and too long ...
    Yes, there are so weeks, there goes a lot wrong, but it's good, you get it back at least (me had 3 weeks before the great storm ripped my shopping basket off the bike: money, bank card, ID card, and all the papers away - it was a trouble...)
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  18. a busy week!! i am totally with you on #4 and i LOVED that last image, really beautiful!!

    i have never lost a cell phone, never, not ever!!

  19. Ida, You sound like me except I am always misplacing my glasses :) I found them once on top of my head! I'd like to be some place warm this coming week. We are supposed to be close to 19* on Monday morning with high's all week in the mid 40s...brrrrr.

  20. I love macaroni and cheese. Real comfort food. I think it's sweet that this is what your nieces requested. Obviously, you make a mean mac & cheese. I used to misplace my cell phone a lot. I'm glad you found yours (both times). :)


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