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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Songography - Blessed Edition and Scavenger Hunt Sunday.



This week Kathy (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out) offered us the song,  Blessed by Martina McBride.
Again a country song that I wasn't familiar with but this one I actually liked when I listed to it.

I am truly "Blessed" to have a wonderful family, a nice home to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear and time to enjoy the beauty around me.  Today I took a little drive and was able to capture some wonderful pictures.  Then on my way to the store tonight I saw that the sun was just starting to set and I knew that it was going to be a gorgeous sunset.  So I made a bit of a "detour" from the store and headed out on a country road so I could capture this:

Yes it is a beautiful world and I am truly blessed.

Please join me now as we head over to Ashley's blog  (Ramblings and Photos) for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The prompts this week were:
Horizon, Sharp, Leather, Blue and Diagonal Lines.

HORIZON:  One of the many shots I took on my little drive today.

 There was a bit of haze over the mountains which is pretty typical for this time of year but I think they are still lovely.

SHARP:  Coleen and I stopped yesterday on our way for Yogurt so I could get some pictures and I knew exactly what I was looking for as I'd taken similar pictures of this very same thing last year but never posted them.  I decided to see if they were still there and sure enough they were:  Well new one's that is.

I'm thinking the thorns on these bushes must be sharp.

LEATHER:  Got my little model and did a small photo session of her Leather Jacket that her Grandpa bought her for Christmas last year.

BLUE:  Frost crystals on the Van's tinted window - Aren't they pretty.

DIAGONAL LINES:  This one was a bit tough but I think this counts...

Callie-Jo has diagonal whiskers.


  1. I love these. The blue frost is my favorite. The horizon is very nice as well as the sharp. I always tend to lean toward the nature shots, but the leather 'girl' is really cute, and of course, the cat!

  2. I love the frost crystals. We haven't had a frost yet. But, I live on the ocean so that's not unusual.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Those sunset and horizon pictures are stunning!

  4. So beautiful photos. I like most the cat and blue pic is so beautiful.

    Have a nice week !

  5. your images are awesome this week. i pick a favorite, then another, then another. love, love, love the blus ice and colleen looking so grown up in her jacket!!

    great week ida, the first two took my breath away!!

  6. These are gorgeous! Love that sunset, wow - worth the detour!

    Love sharp too - wow!

  7. BEAUTIFUL post Ida, and love all of your shots. Those little withered berries are lovely. I love seeing little bits of color in this season, as the beauty of fall dissipates. By the way, your cat is wonderful with such unique markings!

  8. Oh wow!, did you hit it out of the park with each and every shot for both memes this week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Such beauty! Yes, the beauty of Gods artwork is truly a blessing. But you are doubly blessed because you SEE it! Do you know how many people would take that gorgeous sky for granted and not even notice it?!?! Blessings are everywhere if we take the time to embrace them. Thank you for joining in on Song-ography! P.S. No country song next week :)

  10. The blue eyes of your cat positioned under that blue frost was a happy chance!! Really eye catching along with your other pics♫♪ Have a wonder filled week!!

  11. Lovely sunset, Ida! Sometimes you have to pull off the road and capture a scene that minute! I especially like the diagonal cat whiskers, too. Very creative!

  12. Lovely nature shots, and purrfectly cool kitty, and I also put a leather jacket in mine! Very fun photos!

  13. Beautiful! Love the sky shots and the mountain haze!

  14. I think mist in the mountains makes them even more beautiful. Your sunset was worth the detour, thanks for doing that and sharing those glorious pictures.

  15. All such wonderful images, Ida. Colleen is growing up too fast!! And wow what a beautiful sunset, we are truly blessed!!

  16. Nice sky shots and I love your cats face.

  17. These are all great for the prompts. Love the wide open landscape shots. I do think my favorite is your kitty though. Very pretty.

  18. Lovely post! We should all stop to count our blessings each day! The frost on the windshield is so pretty!

  19. Oh, these are gorgeous! The sunset. The horizon. The frost. Beautiful!

  20. I love the sunset shots, and the frost on the window shot. Beautiful pictures!

  21. LOVE everyone of these shots. And the one of your kitty close up has me smiling. Well done..

  22. Ida, absolutely amazing! You live in a very beautiful place! I really liked how you chose the font for your first picture.
    Leather jacket is perfect on Coleen! She is so cute!
    What an incredible picture of the snow crystals!!!

  23. hello, here's wishing you a very happy and family filled thanksgiving!

    gorgeous shots btw.

  24. Wow, what a great selection! Love those blue frost crystals.


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