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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

31 Days of Inspiration - Day 21

Welcome: - Yes this is my 2nd post today. - I needed to post my book review and didn't want to add my Inspiration photo to that post so you get two posts today.

I really liked this quote today.  - Sometimes we let fear of the unkown over take our lives and loose out on appreciating what is around us.  There is always "hope" that things will get better and that life is truly something to be appreciated.

Wishing you all a wonderful and hopeful day filled with many blessings that you can appreciate.


  1. Very, very important quote - thank you!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  2. This is a great quote. Definitely one to live by. There is always Hope - it's so important to our Faith and our Humanity. I think that is why the "enemy" always tries to take it first.

  3. I may have to teach this to my students!

  4. Pretty photo and that is a good quote for our fridge!! so true..


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