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Friday, October 2, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 & 31 Days of Inspiration

 Happy Friday!

Joining Tanya (Around Roanoke) for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE

1.  Wow October snuck up on me...I planned to post 31 days of Inspiration and now I'm a day behind.   Oh well you get the first two days here today:

 2.  I've been seeing a lot of these lately:

Found this video on Mantis, Crabs & Spiders that's rather cool:

3. "Blondie's" not the singer.  - Blondie is the name we've given to a cat we've been feeding off & on for atleast 5-6 years now.  He's an amazing cat in that he'll show up for several weeks and then disappear for months on end. - We don't know if he belongs to anyone or is a feral cat.  He won't let us get much closer then 3-4 ft. before he'll run.  However sometimes he'll look all beat up and battered and then the next time you see him his fur is all pretty and clean and brushed so we think someone may actually take care of him.  It's hard to get decent photos of him because he only shows up at night to eat the food we leave out but here is one I took the other night.  Mind you we hadn't seen him for at least 5 months and then one night there he was waiting for food again.

4.  Coleen came home from school the other day and said she wanted to take a nap (something she rarely does).  They had just had PE and had did their "mile run." -  She was on the couch watching TV and pretty soon Grandpa called me in to see her and this is what I found.  Apparently, Bandit was tired too as he fell asleep with her.

5.  People are starting to decorate for Halloween now here in town.  While out on a walk with Pixie we spotted these "Bumpy Pumpkins" in someone's yard.

This is such a weird variety of pumpkin but also really cool looking.  Since Halloween is coming up soon here is a link to some ideas for Pumpkin Carving.

That's it for me this week.  I decided to keep today simple and only do one Meme since I plan to post a photo everyday this month (hopefully.)


  1. Nice photos! I especially like the pumpkins! They are funky looking! Have a gran weekend! Cathy

  2. That is a sweet picture of Coleen.

  3. I love the photo of Coleen. My friend had a cat that used to go visit another family, then a family up the street used to have cat that would come here and stay with us for a couple weeks at a time. They would call to see if he was here, so as not to worry. He stayed inside some, but was by no means locked in...he came and went as he pleased. Never did figure why he chose to stay here, when his home was only three houses down.

  4. I like your inspirational photos. That first one is so bright and colorful, love it. Those bumpy pumpkins are very cool

  5. Those are funky pumpkins. The pictures of the dancers is gorgeous!

  6. #1 Swirling color!
    #2 And have seen none!
    #3 Hobo cat!
    #4 My granddaughter just started middle school and comes home exhausted.
    #5 "Bumpy Pumpkins" seem to be popular.

  7. Great photos, one with the deer. Those sure are some bumpy pumpkins....very cool! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Fun photos. Your Colleen looks so sweet asleep. Those bumpy pumpkins do look interesting!

  9. Blondie must have quite a territory he roams. Probably not neutered, I'm guessing? Love all the pics. Coleen looks so sweet. I love that she's growing up a cat lover.

  10. neat set of photos and fun post. Bandit and Coleen are today's favourite. We've a 6 year old wild cat, not so wild as he has his own bedroom though we can't touch him and like your Blondie, he looks rough at times then healthy-our vet treats his boo-boo's by assessing his ills looking at my photos then I have to devise magic ways to camouflage the meds, such fun. Have a great weekend.

  11. Those pumpkins look like the 'red warty things' variety I grew last year. Your blog header looks great! And naptime is always better with a kitty.

  12. I like these lumpy bumpy pumpkins.. cool. so sweet Coleen sleeping with the kitty and Blondie is really pretty.

  13. We have a black cat around here like that. No idea if he actually belongs to someone, or if he is wild. he's friendly enough though. He walked right over the roof of a house once to come into our backyard for an ear scratch. that's determination!

    I did a Tinkerbell pumpkin one year. Oh My... I think it was about 2 hours of painstaking carving. IT looked incredible, but I will be leaving that kind of pumpkin art to those with more patience. A nice medium level bat or simple word like BOO to carve is my limit now.

  14. aw that's adorable of coleen and the kittie! our old cat cheetah was like blondie, although he was ours he'd disappear for a few days...once he was even gone for a couple of weeks and we were worried something had happened to him then one day we found him in a little tree. he acted skittish and then we noticed he had been in a fight or something but someone had shaved his fur in an area and taken care of him. we always joked that his other family thought they were his owners and then wondered what happened to him when he came home to us :D thanks for linking ida and have a great week! (i've got to pull my halloween stuff out!)

  15. Colleen must have needed that nap! Love the pumpkins. I thought I planted some like that, but all of the ones I picked are smooth, so either I goofed or they didn't grow.


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