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Monday, October 19, 2015

One Four Challenge and 31 Days of Inspiration - Day 19

 Happy Monday. - For those looking for my 31 Days of Inspiration Photo it will follow after the One Four Challenge here today so keep scrolling down.

It's Week 3 of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn from the ( Captivate Me ) blog.

Click to Enlarge Images:

So here is what I did this week:  I took the edit from Week 1, Cloned the flower pot in the corner of the photo and moved it over so I could crop out the telephone pole and most of the tree in the left hand corner.
Wk. 1

Next I used some effects on Pic Monkey to add a different color tone (Rapture Effect) to the scene.

After that I went to Be Funky and used the Cartoonizer Effect to create the photo below:
I saved that image and went back to Pic Monkey and open it up there and then overlayed the 2nd image edit shown here today to get my Final Week 3 edit:

Week 3
I also added the word, (Amour) to finish off the edit.

Here is today's Inspirational Photo:

Sometimes "attitude" is everything. - Wishing you all a great week.


  1. Your flowers and images are pretty, I like your edited versions. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. I love the cartoon effect and next best is the amour....

  3. Very nice. Maybe next month I can join this challenge...

    My fur baby had kidney disease. I will give the last update about him later this week. Can't really type it all out now...too many tears.

  4. I love seeing your process of who you do the edits. Each one looks great, and the final one is just gorgeous.
    Maya was one wise woman.

  5. It turned out purrty! Happy Monday!

  6. ooooh ida, attitude is everything!!! you did an awesome job on the edits, i have never edited an image, never, not ever!!!

  7. Very clever Ida! I really like what you've done with the picture!
    Have a great week!

  8. Ida, this is another successful week.
    I like the combination of the cartoon overplayed by image 2. Very effective and pleasing ��
    Great idea too, cloning out the pole too. Nicely done.

  9. I like how you work with photo editing until you get it just like you want it. Very interesting. Thanks for telling the steps about editing.
    Thanks for visiting Timeless Treasures and the nice comment.
    Hope you will visit more.
    Audrey Z.

  10. Love the little statue in the corner, so preety.

  11. I really, really like this edit...also, pretty good inspiration. We might now want to hear it, but it might be just what we need to listen to.

  12. Well done on the picture. Love how you did that Bet that was fun to do. Have a great day.

  13. That's a tough one sometimes. But there are so many options for a different perspective in almost any situation.

  14. well this is all just too darned clever!!! getting rid of things I need to learn :-)

  15. All your edits are just great. It's just amazing how one picture can take on so many different looks.

  16. Pretty awesome to have the tools to get rid of a unwanted area in a photo.. great job.


  17. Nice job on the editing process. I really like the quote you chose, so true.

  18. Cropping to remove the telephone pole and then moving the pot so that it was still in the photo is pretty cool. I like that you overlaid the two layers so that you got the detail back but retained some of the cartoon effect. Very nice edit. :)


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